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Noam Shalit, please stay home

Lecturers Best Not Invited
With a speaker like this, you don't need enemies

Noam Shalit

With a speaker like this, you don't need enemies
Noam Shalit is a great guy and we all feel for the tragedy of his son Gilad.
Who does not?
The problem is that for some odd reason Noam feels (as of Jan 2011) that Israel must free 900 Palestinian terrorists. (Who everyone agrees will kill again)

He is also vocal about his feelings that just like his son Gilad was a prisoner, so too are the Palestinian people prisoners! After his sons release which allowed 1000 terrorists to go free, he did not change his opinion. Even after it was found that Gilad was being kept prisoner within Gaza itself!

It is not clear how he felt that Israel could not have known and did nothing.

When his son was prisoner, he went on Hamas Television to speak his feelings of mutual pain for the "Occupation". His opinions and appearances are used to promote a two state solution. The Pro-Peace media uses Mr. Shalit and his terrible situation to promote their cause.

Really a wonderful person, but whoever invites him inevitably ends up having their name and used to promote Mr. Shalit's idea of peace. This is how things have been since 2007.

Noam Shalit has used his son's capture repeatedly to advertise the "plight of the Palestinians" and the necessity of freeing Arab terrorists. This is despite the certain horrible tortures his captors are subjecting him to. As the National Post below quotes Noam: "He says he has been pushing the Israeli government to release 450 Hamas prisoners, which would be followed, after his son’s return, with another 550 prisoners set free." Or as YNet (Yediot Achronot) quotes him giving an interview to Hamas Radio: 'Gilad is being held hostage as the Palestinian population is being held hostage by extremists ever since the kidnapping,' Noam says.

I enclose a few articles below on the subject.

Ynet news March 26, 2007: (click here to read)

Noam Shalit gives interview to Hamas television

Father of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit says 'Gilad is being held hostage as the Palestinian population is being held hostage by extremists ever since the kidnapping,' he says
by: Ali Waked 06.26.07

"Gilad was defending the country's borders and doing nothing beyond that," said Noam Shalit in an interview broadcast on Hamas' official television station on Monday evening regarding his son, kidnapped soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit. Mr. Noam Shalit also called on Israelis and Palestinians to declare a ceasefire and said that the pressing issue of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israel goes beyond the capture of his son. "Gilad is being held hostage as the Palestinian population is being held hostage by extremists ever since the kidnapping," said Shalit. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Shalit revealed, had already pledged to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that he would release prisoners as a goodwill gesture long before the kidnapping of his son. The kidnapping, he said, delayed that process from commencing. The interview, apparently conducted in Ramallah, often resembling a political debate between Shalit and his interviewer. Shalit appears to shift uncomfortably in his chair and refuses to allow the host to drag him into criticizing Olmert, saying only that he simply hopes that an agreement over his son's release can be reached in the near future and that the siege on the Palestinian people can be lifted. Meanwhile Olmert spoke at length about the Palestinian prisoners during his speech Monday evening at the Sharm el-Sheik summit. The prime minister announced that he would ask the government to approve the release of 250 Fatah prisoners “without blood on their hands” as a gesture of goodwill towards Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian people. Following Gilad's abduction hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are now living under siege, he said, if he is released then thousands of Palestinian prisoners can be reunited with their families. " In response to the host's claim that the demand made by the groups holding Gilad that Israel release long-time male prisoners, female prisoners and prisoners who are still minors is a legitimate demand, Shalit said: "These organizations have not yet decided their position on which prisoners they want released and the list was submitted to Egypt only last month." Shalit said that no negotiations were made regarding the list of the prisoners despite Israel's demand to receive an updated manifest. Israel, said Shalit, has no objection to freeing sick and elderly prisoners, but Hamas is not interested in these prisoners, only those still tied up with the organization and those serving lengthy sentences. Shalit said that he fully supported Israel's disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Shalit said he would continue to do everything in his power to bring his son home and asked to address the Palestinian people, saying: "I ask of you to do everything to stop any acts of violence carried out by extremists on either side who seek to harm the peace."

An Israeli father’s long wait forhis son’s return
By Tim Mak of the National Post March 15, 2011
(see the full article)

Noam Shalit wants his son back, and he’ll do whatever it takes.
The father of the captured Israel Defence Forces soldier, Gilad Shalit, is applying pressure on the Israeli government to release nearly one thousand Palestinian prisoners in exchange for his son’s freedom.

When we interviewed him, he was sitting where he always sits nowadays – in a large white tent set up around the corner from the Israeli Prime Minister’s residence. He sits there, greets well-wishers there, sleeps there. He moved from his home in the north of Israel, near the border with Lebanon eight months ago, ever since the fourth anniversary of Shalit’s capture by Hamas in a cross-border raid in 2006. He says he has been pushing the government to release 450 Hamas prisoners, which would be followed, after his son’s return, with another 550 prisoners set free. President Obama and his administration has been no help, he says. The Netanyahu government hasn’t made a decision on the prisoner exchange, but Mark Regev, a spokesman for the Prime Minister, said Israel had an obligation to pay some price in order to get their soldier home. “It still needs a decision, but we have an obligation as a society. We’ve got compulsory national service. We’ve got an obligation to – and the Army feels this way too – every young serviceman and servicewoman, if they are out on a mission we have an obligation to bring them back,” said Regev. In this sense, Regev and Shalit are on the same page – but the details need to be worked out, and Hamas has to agree to the terms. “The Prime Minister… said he agreed to release terrorists… but only if they don’t go back to the West Bank. Because these are the people who, terrorism is their chosen profession,” said Regev. “It’s not as if we like releasing these people. It’s a price we’re willing to pay to get our serviceman back. He’s [Gilad Shalit] been four years in jail. [The Prime Minister] is willing to pay a price, but not any price.” Noam Shalit has no time for the notion that a prisoner exchange would promote kidnapping of IDF soldiers. “They are [already] trying all day long – just on Friday there was a terror action against Israel [in Itamar]. They are not waiting… if they have another opportunity to attack they do, there is no delay,” he said. But there is an element of convenient thinking here, one that doesn’t recognize the potential price in life that would be paid if the released prisoners were to resume engaging in acts of terrorism. He refers to the number as ‘several’ – not the close to one thousand prisoners that would need to be released – and said that Israel would be able to handle the threat. “We believe that Israel will be able to deal with the several terrorists that would be freed, and if they are willing to go back to terror or carry out terror actions against Israel, we’ll know – Israeli security forces will know how to deal with them,” said Shalit.

Obviously, the pressures of his situation do not allow him to think clearly as expressed above about what these released terrorists would do if released. He doesn't seem to feel that more deaths in the name of his sons being released is not a problem.

I cannot imagine that despite how badly we all feel for Gilad, that the Rebbe would want us supporting a Pro-Peace / Pro--Disengagement event like Mr. Shalit. Few people are aware of Mr. Shalit's very pro-peace stance. He will use the event to beg for the release of 1000 Arab terrorist prisoners who have killed before and will only kill again, and to ask for Israel to give the terrorists statehood as he has done over and over again in the press.

On a last note:
This is a recent video of Noam Shalit and family interviewed on Jerusalem Post. Pushing for the release of terrorists:

Noam assumes that he will get his son back alive despite that fact that very few prisoners have ever returned alive. Noam does not approach that fact that Israel has had chances to get his son back before without returning any terrorists who will surely kill again. The war in Lebanon was concluded shamefully early and without reaching its stated objective of recovering Gilad Shalit. It is doubtful that Israel is really as interested in the return of Gilad as they are from the concessions they will be rewarded for in loan guarantees and military help for the release of the 1000 terrorist prisoners. And perhaps one could call their interest in Mr. Shalit's cause as a "marriage of convenience", but at what cost?
Did you ever have the frustrating experience of setting up a speaker only to have phone calls and emails about the "true-Pro-Peace nature" of who you hired to speak about Israel?

Worry no more.

We list well known Jewish organizations and individuals who are working to help Israel to create a terror state which they call "Peace". This is called: "The Two State Solution".

Where possible, we provide evidence for their position. In most cases, they are not secretive about their leanings. Google the person or organization and put in the word: "peace" or "disengagement" to find out what their true feelings on the subject is before inviting them to advocate for their version of peace in your Chabad house! Since speaker & organizational positions do change daily, so if you note a change, please email us and we will investigate. (Click Here To Mail An Update)

Our information is solid information from over 10 years of being in the "rally business" and seeing what goes on and how the good name of Lubavitch is used to promote the opposite of the Rebbe's ideals.
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