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Wolf in sheep's clothing: New Israel Fund

A Deceitful Anti-Israel Organization Advocating For Creation Of A Terrorist State Within Israel*

New Israel Fund

Based on research by "Im Tirzu" and written up as a report:

"The Influence of New Israel Fund Organizations On The Goldstone Report" (click to read full article)

From: "Israel Behind The News"
The aim of this study is to examine the level of involvement of New Israel Fund organizations in the formation of the Goldstone Committee Report.

The New Israel Fund is a capital fund that invests in and supports hundreds of radical leftist organizations that operate in various fields. The fund operates on two levels: first, as an incubator for new organizations, granting them professional services in their various activities, and second, as a financial backer for organizations that “grew up” with the fund, as well as others that did not.

Executive Summary
The Goldstone Report, published in September 2009, seriously harmed the international image of the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed the gravity of the report's impact in his December 23, 2009 address to the Knesset plenum:
"There are three primary threats facing us today: the nuclear threat, the missile threat and what I call the Goldstone threat… Goldstone has become code for a much broader phenomenon: the attempt to negate the legitimacy of our right to self-defense!
It didn't just start now.
The international campaign against Israel has gone on since the Durban Conference in 2000 and since the attempt in 2003 to condemn the security fence that has protected Israeli children – but is condemned just the same – in The Hague…
We all have a real problem here. Ehud Olmert speaks on campuses in the United States, and he's denounced as a war criminal. Defense Minister Ehud Barak – they want to arrest him in London. And there's a warrant out against Tzipi Livni, the Opposition leader. You all know the truth in your hearts. This is an all-out offensive, not just against one Israeli government or another."[1]

Israeli President Shimon Peres similarly denounced the Goldstone Report:
"The report essentially grants legitimacy to terrorism, premeditated shooting and killing, while ignoring the obligation and the right of every country to defend itself, something which is explicitly stated in the UN charter."[2]

The aim of this study is to examine the level of involvement of New Israel Fund organizations in the formation of the Goldstone Committee Report.

Some Exerpts from this article:

The fund’s financial reports show that the New Israel Fund organizations that contributed to the international damage caused by the Goldstone Report received monetary support from the fund in the years 2006-2008 totaling $7,805,226 (almost $8 million!).

In recent years Israel has been increasingly accused of war crimes, and this allegation has become a type of new weapon among leftist organizations, whose aim is apparently not only to protest but also to undermine the fighting spirit IDF soldiers and officers. The direct and indirect effects of these organizations' activities include the international denunciation of Israel; anti-Israel demonstrations around the world; demands to prosecute IDF officers in a number of European countries; pressure from the UN and various countries to halt the fighting; economic sanctions against Israeli companies; suits for hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation and expressions of anti-Semitism in the wake of Israel's defamation around the world.

In effect, a small group of leftist organizations that is financed by identical foreign sources has created international pressure that is seriously harming Israel in the diplomatic arena and challenged Israel's legitimate right to self-defense in the future. The foreign funding finances the activities of organizations that incite Israelis against the IDF and the State of Israel. It should be stressed that while the declared "noble" intentions of most of these organizations are to fight for "social justice" and "human rights" throughout all the years during which thousands of missiles were fired against the residents of Sderot and the residents of northern Israel, aimed deliberately at innocent Israeli civilians, hardly a word was heard from the organizations.

It is also astounding that while the New Israel Fund organizations were partners to the international defamation of Israel and the IDF, via the Goldstone Report, the NIF was operating joint programs with the Jewish Agency and various government ministries.
These programs included:
• Active Citizenship,
a high school program run jointly by the NIF and the Education Ministry.[3]
•Fans for the Prevention of Violence in Sports,
a program run jointly by the NIF, the Culture and Sports Ministry and the Internal Security Ministry.[4]
• A joint project with the Jewish Agency to promote the social integration of Ethiopian immigrants
via vocational training and social advocacy programs. [5]
• The Birthright program,
run jointly by the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency.[6]

The current study presents a survey of the 16 NIF organizations and shows their substantial influence on the Goldstone Report and the crystallization of the accusations against Israel and the IDF.

Furthermore, an analysis of the research material reveals that the joint actions of some of the organizations funded by the NIF was intended not only to protest against IDF actions, but also to coordinate international activities against Israel, resulting in serious damage to Israel's image around the world and the impairment of the IDF's ability to defend Israel during times of military conflict. 40% of the evidence on which the Goldstone Report based its arguments originated in publications of NIF (14%) and Palestinian (26%) organizations. Without the NIF, over 90% of the claims against Israel that were based on Israeli publications would not have been in the report.
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On The Issue of BDS*

(Listen folks, we didn't bring it up, they did on the "New Israel Fund" website)

Quote from website:

What is NIF's position on the BDS Organization?

(BDS stands for: "Boycott, divestment and sanctions")

The New Israel Fund is committed to strengthening democracy in Israel, supports freedom of speech and promotes non-violent means of expression of belief and conscience. We oppose any attempt to criminalize the legitimate expression of support for any non-violent strategy or tactic, including those we do not ourselves support. The NIF opposes the global (or general) BDS movement, views its use of these tactics as counterproductive, and is concerned that segments of this movement seek to undermine the existence of the state of Israel. NIF will not fund global BDS activities against Israel nor support organizations that have global BDS programs. NIF opposes the occupation and subsequent settlement activities. NIF will not exclude support for organizations that discourage the purchase of goods or use of services from settlements."
(Look for yourself)

True? Others think not-
For example:
NGO Monitor published this report from July 31, 2011:

NGO Monitor
July 31, 2011

In July 2011, New Israel Fund (NIF) published its 2010 Financial Statement. This document details NIF funding for Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) in 2010, and indicates that funds were also earmarked for 2011. (CWP is a leader of anti-Israel BDS campaigns.)

Funding in 2010
The statement reveals that in 2010, NIF authorized an additional $20,130 for CWP, and disbursed $36,503, including $16,373 authorized in previous years that had not been transferred. (NGO Monitor reports show that NIF provided approximately $300,000 to CWP in previous years.)

Official New Israel Fund Statement
May 12, 2011, New Israel Fund came out with an official statement declaring that “NIF provided its last direct grant to CWP in 2008” and subsequent transfers were “donor advised.” NIF’s financial statements do not distinguish between direct and donor advised grants, making NIF’s claim unverifiable. Nevertheless, under U.S. tax law, and as reflected in NIF’s 2009 and 2010 financial documents, “donor advised” grants are within the sole discretion of the NIF Board of Directors. No money may be distributed to any grantee without the approval of the NIF board, and donors are notified in advance that disbursements require that approval. NIF has full responsibility – morally, legally, and financially – for the 2010 $36,503 disbursement to CWP.

May 12, 2011 press release
NIF’s May 12, 2011 press release was headlined: “NGO Monitor attacks New Israel Fund based on information it knew to be wrong.” NIF’s release of its 2010 funding information unequivocally reaffirms the accuracy of NGO Monitor’s reports. (
NIF has not since retracted or apologized.)

NIF-Australia Director Claims BDS Is Not Being Funded By New Israel Fund
In a May 20, 2011 statement, NIF-Australia head Robin Margo declared that CWP “has received no further funding from NIF since 2009” and criticized Dr. Ron Weiser (Zionist Council of New South Wales, Australia) for “suggesting publically... that funding may have continued into 2010.” They were right BDS is not, CWP is however feeding NIF's money to it's BDS "Israel Anti-Aparteid" programs that are crippling Israel's image overseas.

According to the NIF financial statement, $6,000 remained to be granted to CWP in 2011. This is consistent with CWP’s statement that NIF continued to provide funds in 2011.

(NIF later claimed that “Due to a clerical error, $100 was processed to CWP in May.” NIF did not relate to the $6,000 amount.)


* What is BDS?
BDS are the intitials of an anti-semetic group that cloaks its activities in claims that it is only anti-Israel. They further claim that they are not against ALL of Israel or Israeli's or even Jews. Just the occupation of those parts that Israel claims sovereignty over and that Palestinians claim are "occupied".

BDS actually stands for "Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions".

While it is thought the group is Palestinian in origin, it is actually a mix of many people whose common goal are to bash Jews. Something they manage to do quite sucessfully. They have a variety of websites and support from various anti-semetic groups like "Code Pink" and "Coalition of Women for Peace" and New Israel Fund as discussed above.

Typically, they have 2 programs:
Israel Anti-Aparteid Week and
Protesting Stores and Businesses that Sell Israeli Products From The West Bank and Occupied Areas

These two programs have had a crippling effect on Israeli products overseas. Typically, stores are targeted far from Orthodox areas and picketers will stand for an hour or two waving Palestinian and American flags while harrassing customers going to shop in a targeted store. Campuses across the US and Canada are taking very pro Arab positions that bash Israel and of course both programs end up bashing Jews while police and security people stand by quietly not doing anything.

Peace promoters in the Israeli government see this as an opportunity to use to push forward a "need for more talks". While most Israeli officials find these programs deeply offensive, officially, there is only a call for non-action on the issue. It is thought that both sides hope the program puts pressure on Jews to finish giving away Jerusalem, Golan and West Bank in accordance with the secret agreements. Meanwhile, Jews around the world are feeling the brunt of legally sanctioned Jew baiting.

ADL has given up on the problem following Israel's lead of non-action.
The programs have awakened primitive anti-semetic sentiment which Israel has no answer for except to ask Jews to fight anti-Israel feelings whereever they be found. Politicians stubbornly disagree with the notion that in fact talks for peace in exchange for land are only fueling more anti-semetic sentiment. Privately however, military personnel do agree that this is the case. Even a Harvard Study do concur this is the case and that further talks in fact only increase this new form of legal terror against Jews. (See 2003 Harvard Study That Peace Talks With Palestinian Terrorists only bring more terror)

"The funding of Palestinian terrorist organizations is also consistent with the prediction that increased militantism could cause an increase in violence following concessions. Palestinian terrorist organizations are largely funded by part of the Palestinian diaspora community both in Europe and the United States and by wealthy donors in the Arab world (Rajahans and Paul 2002). These donors tend to be extremists who are unwilling to accept compromise with Israel. As such, their willingness to fund terror is not expected to diminish following deals between the PLO and Israel. Indeed, it has been reported that, despite an abundance of volunteers, the amount paid to the families of suicide bombers following a successful mission has increased from $10,000 to $25,000 of late"

Editors Note: The term: "New Israel" is a Christian term, referring to Christians whom their scripture reveals are the Jews of today or as they call it: "New Israel" of today, having taken over this position from the Jewish People.
Report Courtesty of AFSI - Americans For a Safe Israel.
Article by Joseph Puder - AFSI

In today’s Israel, an Arab terrorist seeking release from prison, a filmmaker whose works portray the “evils and exploits of capitalism, "and a Sephardic radical devoted to battling the "pseudo-Western culture" of the "Ashkenazielite" are all assured of ample financial support for their respective causes, thanks to the New Israel Fund, an American Jewish philanthropy that has embraced a startling variety of extremist crusades in its determination to transform Israel into a country that may satisfy members of the American Civil Liberties Union, but will bear scant resemblance to the Jewish State for which Jews longed for two thousand years.

Who Runs New Israel Fund?
The New Israel Fund was established in 1979 by Jonathan Cohen, a wealthy San Francisco businessman, and his wife, Eleanor Friedman, heiress to the Levi Strauss fortune. Cohen was formerly a staff member of the radical-left Vanguard Foundation (which, among other things , helped finance a prostitutes union called: "Call Off Your Tired Old Ethics"), and his friends on the left praised the New Israel Fund as a "radical Jewish fundraising effort."[1] The literature that Cohen designed for his new Fund was considerably more circumspect, avoiding explosive terms like "radical" and instead stressing in vague terminology that the Fund would work" in such areas as Jewish-Arab peacemaking, Legal aid,religious pluralism, the rights of women, and Ashkenazi-Sephardic relations. "The Fund's brochures insist that "We have no affiliations and make no grants to political parties or to organizations which are controlled by political parties."[2] The Fund's vague promises about working for peace and pluralism have helped it attract a great deal of money in a short time.

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Our information is solid information from over 10 years of being in the "rally business" and seeing what goes on and how the good name of Lubavitch is used to promote the opposite of the Rebbe's ideals.
Editors note:
Israel has created various non-profits that look like they are actually against the peace process, while in reality they are for promoting Israel's interests in continuing so-called "peace" talks for the giving away of Israel's Land. You must research an organization or individual well.

* The Rebbe is for the "One State Solution". Two state solution means that Israel must take from its land and create another country within it, which it is giving to the terrorist enemy. Hence the Rebbe's opposition. This is a clear threat to Jewish life. In determining an organizations standing about the peace process there are two other markers that come into play: 1. If they are advocating to push America to "stop pressuring Israel" (and are silent about doing the same to Israel). 2. If they advocate that Iran should be Israel's primary focus. The Rebbe always pushed on Israel when it came to "Peace" certainly, he never pushed on America. While it is obvious that Iran is an enemy, but then so is Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Iraq! Iran not as much a problem as the daily rockets and bombing coming from the PLO / Hamas / PA / Hezbullah (all the same group really). Typically Israel is silent on this obvious problem (to push forward Peace) and asks people to instead lobby to stop Iran.

Phony Non Jewish Organizations Promoting Land Concessions For "Peace"

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Peace Now (click to see why)
Betzelem (click to see why)
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