Wolf in sheep's clothing: Jay Street

An Anti-Israel Non-Jewish Organization Advocating For Creation OF A Terrorist State*

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Jay Street - Enemy Of Israel? Certainly Not A Friend

Jay Street is a very unusual organization that pretends to be for peace. In reality it is a vicious lobbying organization pushing American Jews to push Israel to make concessions for peace.

JStreet is a very strange organization that is so strange that even Israeli government officials are worried about it and shy away from being seen with them in public. Its director Mr. Jeremy Ben-Ami is even stranger. A seeming stranger to Judaism who doesn't even know Hebrew, his organization is raising hackles on all levels of Israel's government from the most pro-peace to the most ant-disengagement.

One thing they all agree on:
J-Street spells trouble for Jews and Israel.

As Jeremy stated his organization's mission in an interview:
Explaining the need for a new advocacy and lobbying group, Ben-Ami stated: "J Street has been started, however, because there has not been sufficient vocal and political advocacy on behalf of the view that Israel's interests will be best served when the United States makes it a major foreign policy priority to help Israel achieve a real and lasting peace not only with the Palestinians but with all its neighbors."[9]

JPost reported that As MK (Kadima Party)'s Otniel Shneller put it: (and mind you, "Kadima" is quite pro-peace!)(click here to see video and read article)

Speaking March 23, 2011 in the Knesset during a debate on J Street, MK Shneller told J Street's director Jeremy Ben-Ami:
“You are not Zionists and you do not care about Israeli interests....

Fifty rockets a day are fired on the South and you fight against the American veto against condemnations of Israel. You are not Zionists and you do not care about Israel! Only here in Israel do we determine Israeli democracy, and you cannot determine what Israel’s interests are.”

In advance of the meeting, Schneller complained to the press that the organization viewed Israel as an obstacle to peace.

“The State of Israel, they essentially say, prevents us from living quietly with our neighbors, especially in the absence of a peace process,” he said, referring to the American lobbying group. “They don’t love Israel – they love themselves, they love Jewish existence in the Diaspora and are working to ensure that it will be preserved.

They always point out that they go to campuses to explain Israel. They don’t.

They explain that they are the "good Jews", and Israel is the bad Jews, that they support America, and that it is Israel that is responsible for freezing the diplomatic process.”

Schneller added that he believed J Street’s attempts to shape public opinion undermined Israeli democracy.

“They asked me who determines the interest of Israel and who am I to decide – and I say yes, it is me. I live in a democratic country and we hold elections to determine how policy is shaped.”

Even the fanatically pro-peace Kadima party has complaints and questions about J-Streets intentions and loyalty to Israel!

In fact to highlight MK Shneller's suspicions, Jerusalem Post reported that at the same Knesset meeting alleged Committee chairman Danny Danon (Likud): “J Street is pro-Palestinian and not pro- Israel, and gives cover to organizations that support and encourage trade and academic boycotts of Israel,” during the meeting. At the end, as part of the committee’s conclusions, Danon read a declaration claiming the committee believed J Street to be a pro-Palestinian organization.

Chabad4Israel's own conclusion is that J-Street has a mission to usurp and replace AIPAC's lobbying powers in Washington by becoming the new "voice for the American Jew in Washington". (click here to see video and read article)

AIPAC's own scandels in 2005 being under investigation for possible espionage activities did not help this situation, as AIPAC is Israel's voice in Washington, being a lobbying organization for Israel's interests in Washington. (Usually not a bad thing if it's mandates did not include advocating for "Land For Peace" agenda).

It appears to be that J-Street is copying AIPAC's techniques to usurp its position as the number one lobbying agency for American Jews who support Israel. They appear to be trying to take over the role of influencing "The Jewish vote" to push American Jews to be Pro-Peace, give away Israel's land from under its feet and in this way drive Jews living in Israel, legally into the sea.

The only problem is that nobody is sure who is behind J-Street besides George Soros. Of itself this is enough to make Israel worry, as George Soros is a very strong supporter of the "Land For Peace" agenda at any cost. Is enough to make Israel worry.
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The following is from WIKI and is enough to make you worry.

Relationship with Israel

On October 22, 2009, Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni sent a letter congratulating J Street on its inaugural event. She said she would not be able to attend but that Kadima would be "well-represented" by Meir Sheetrit, Shlomo Molla, and Haim Ramon.[27] The Israeli Embassy stated that Ambassador Michael Oren would not attend J Street's first national conference because J Street supports positions that may "impair" Israel's interest.[28][29] Oren has continued his criticism since the conference, telling Conservative rabbis meeting in Philadelphia that J Street "is a unique problem in that it not only opposes one policy of one Israeli government, it opposes all policies of all Israeli governments. It’s significantly out of the mainstream."[30] In April 2010, Oren had a meeting with J Street Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami to discuss the issues.[31] Hannah Rosenthal, head of the Office To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism in the Obama Administration, criticized Oren, saying his comments were "most unfortunate".[32] After several American Jewish groups criticized Rosenthal, the U.S. State Department said that "Rosenthal has the complete support of the department."[33] In February 2010 the Foreign Ministry refused to meet with visiting U.S. congressmembers being escorted by J Street on a visit to Israel unless members of Congress attended the meeting without their J Street escorts.[34] Addressing the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon said "The thing that troubles me is that they don't present themselves as to what they really are. They should not call themselves pro-Israeli."[35] In Haaretz, columnist Bradley Burston wrote that the Foreign Ministry's refusal to meet with the U.S. congressmembers was "a gratuitous move breathtaking in its haughtiness, its ignorance of and disrespect for the United States and the American Jewish community". He said that the Foreign Ministry considered J Street "guilty of the crime of explicitly calling itself pro-Israel, while not agreeing wholeheartedly with everything the government of Israel says and does."[36] Haviv Rettig Gur, writing in The Jerusalem Post, said that "J Street won a small victory" in the incident. "If American legislators with pro-Israel records say J Street is kosher," Gur wrote, "that creates a new political reality with which the Israeli Right must contend."[37] The Foreign Ministry said J Street's assertions that Ayalon refused to meet with members of the U.S. Congress and that he later apologized were untrue, and that they were a fund-raising publicity stunt and a "premeditated public relations circus". Barukh Binah, Foreign Ministry deputy director-general and head of its North America Division said that Ayalon did not prevent any meetings between the J Street group and Israeli high officials and that Ayalon was never on the delegation's schedule. J Street said its information was based on news reports in Yedioth Ahronoth and Maariv.[38]


Confidential IRS documents obtained by The Washington Times in 2010 showed that George Soros had been a donor to J Street since 2008. The approximately $750,000 from Soros and his family, together with donations from Hong Kong-based businesswoman Ms. Consolacion Esdicul, amounted to about 15% of J Street's funding since establishment.[18] In previous statements and on its web site J Street had seemed to deny receiving support from foreign interests and from Soros, a bête noire to conservatives.[39][40] Jeremy Ben-Ami apologized for earlier "misleading" statements regarding funding from Soros. Ben-Ami also clarified that donors to 501(c)(4) organizations are promised confidentiality by law and challenged critics to make public the contributors to opposing organizations.[41] Rabbi Steve Gutow, a president of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, called J Street "irresponsible" for its handling of the issue.[39] Public response

James Kirchick, writing in the The New Republic, called J Street's labeling of AIPAC as "right wing" "ridiculous"; Kirchik says that AIPAC's former president told him that AIPAC was the first American Jewish organization to support Oslo and supports a two-state solution. Kirchick further asserts that some of J Street's positions, such as advocating negotiations with Hamas, are not popular with most American Jews[44] According to a March 2008 Haaretz-Dialog poll the majority of Israelis do support direct talks with Hamas,[45] although this referred solely to the issue of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.[46] Jeremy Ben-Ami responded to Kirchick's charges during a May 26, 2008, interview published in Haaretz Magazine.[47] Kirchik also has reacted against J Streets endorsement of the play Seven Jewish Children, which many critics consider antisemitic.[48][49][50][51][52] "To J Street, the inflammatory message of Seven Jewish Children is precisely what makes it worthy of production," he charges.[48] Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, called J Street's reaction[53] to the Israeli invasion of Gaza "morally deficient, profoundly out of touch with Jewish sentiment and also appallingly naïve."[54] J Street responded stating, "It is hard for us to understand how the leading reform rabbi in North America could call our effort to articulate a nuanced view on these difficult issues "morally deficient." If our views are "naive" and "morally deficient", then so are the views of scores of Israeli journalists, security analysts, distinguished authors, and retired IDF officers who have posed the same questions about the Gaza attack as we have."[55] In April 2009, the Washington Post called J Street "Washington's leading pro-Israel PAC," citing the group's impressive fund raising efforts in its first year and its record of electoral success, including 33 victories by J Street-supported candidates for Congress.[56] According to Caroline Glick, deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, J Street is anything but pro-Israel: "Through their actions, J Street and its allies have made clear that their institutional interests are served by weakening Israel. Their mission is to harm Israel's standing in Washington and weaken the influence of the mainstream American Jewish community that supports Israel."[57] In August 2009, J Street released its fund raising figures for its PAC division. It showed that "at most 3 percent of the organization's thousands of contributors" were Arab and Muslim donors.[23] Lenny Ben-David, a former Israeli diplomat and current lobbyist for AIPAC, criticized J Street for accepting such donations: "It raises questions as to their banner that they're a pro-Israel organization. Why would people who are not known to be pro-Israel give money to this organization?"[23] J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami said that such supporters show the broad appeal of J Street's message and its commitment to coexistence: "I think it is a terrific thing for Israel for us to be able to expand the tent of people who are willing to be considered pro-Israel and willing to support Israel through J Street. One of the ways that we're trying to redefine what it means to be pro-Israel is that you actually don't need to be anti-Arab or anti-Palestinian to be pro-Israel."[23] Shmuel Rosner has questioned whether J Street actually represents U.S. Jewry.[58] Noah Pollak has questioned the veracity of their polling.[59] Barry Rubin has suggested that J Street is an anti-Israel front for Iranian interests, masquerading as a Zionist organization.[60] In July 2010 J Street supported the construction of the Cordoba House cultural center and mosque near the World Trade Center site in New York.[61] President Jeremy Ben-Ami released a statement saying: The principle at stake ... goes to the heart of American democracy, and the value we place on freedom of religion. Should one religious group in this country be treated differently than another? We believe the answer is no.... proposing a church or a synagogue for that site would raise no questions. The Muslim community has an equal right to build a community center wherever it is legal to do so.[62] [edit]Goldstone controversy On Sept. 30, 2010, The Washington Times reported that J Street facilitated meetings between South African judge Richard Goldstone and members of Congress in November 2009, causing Jeremy Ben-Ami to tell The Jerusalem Post on October 1, 2010, that his staff had made “two or three” such phone calls to U.S. politicians and relayed their response onward, but that after those initial inquiries were made, his organization decided not to become involved because of Israel’s attitude toward Goldstone, saying “J Street did not host, arrange or facilitate Judge Richard Goldstone’s visit.”[63] Colette Avital, former member of the Knesset from the center-left Labor Party and for a time J Street’s liaison in Israel said that one of the reasons she resigned from J Street was its connection with Goldstone. [64]

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>Editors note: Israel has created various non-profits that look like they are actually against the peace process, while in reality they are for promoting Israel's interests in continuing so-called "peace" talks for the giving away of Israel's Land. You must research an organization or individual well.

* The Rebbe is for the "One State Solution". Two state solution means that Israel must take from its land and create another country within it, which it is giving to the terrorist enemy. Hence the Rebbe's opposition. This is a clear threat to Jewish life. In determining an organizations standing about the peace process there are two other markers that come into play: 1. If they are advocating to push America to "stop pressuring Israel" (and are silent about doing the same to Israel). 2. If they advocate that Iran should be Israel's primary focus. The Rebbe always pushed on Israel when it came to "Peace" certainly, he never pushed on America. While it is obvious that Iran is an enemy, but then so is Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Iraq! Iran not as much a problem as the daily rockets and bombing coming from the PLO / Hamas / PA / Hezbullah (all the same group really). Typically Israel is silent on this obvious problem (to push forward Peace) and asks people to instead lobby to stop Iran.

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