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Wolf in sheep's clothing: Malcolm Hoenlein & his "Conference of Presidents"

An Organization Advocating For A Two State Solution*

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Our information is solid information from over 10 years of being in the "rally business" and seeing what goes on and how the good name of Lubavitch is used to promote the opposite of the Rebbe's ideals.

Malcolm Hoenlein & Conference of Presidents

Malcolm Hoenlein and his organization: “Conference of Presidents”.

Mr. Hoenlein organized a massive rally in April of 2002 in Washington DC on the advertised theme of protesting disengagement.

Over 300,000 people attended against giving away land and against giving away Gush Katif. Of course bus loads of Lubavitchers were there too.

At the rally, Mr. Hoenlein surprised everyone by asking U.S. defense official Paul Wolfowitz, the American Peace Negotiator to speak! He was promptly Boo-ed down as the Associated Press reported April 15, 2002:

“A top administration official was interrupted and booed Monday when he told thousands of people gathered at the Capitol for a pro-Israel rally that Palestinians as well as Israelis have been victims of Mideast violence. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz was drowned out by chants of 'no more Arafat' and booed as he told a packed crowd of thousands that 'innocent Palestinians are suffering and dying as well. It is critical that we recognize and acknowledge that fact. But many at the rally showed little sympathy with Wolfowitz’s further message that the majority of Palestinians too want an end to violence and that “hard decisions must be made by both sides to achieve a lasting peace.” He was forced to stop speaking several times to wait for the crowd to quiet down. The rally was sponsored by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the United Jewish Communities.”

Thank you Malcolm. It became obvious to all, that we of Lubavitch and all the other 300,000 Jews were all called in to give a media impression that would back up Mr. Wolfowitz’s Peacemaking efforts. As you can see from the above press report, people were furious at being used! Especially Lubavitchers.

We urge Chabadniks to please not ask Malcolm to come to speak.

Besides the hefty speaking fee, Malcolm is pro-peace 100% and is a sneak about it using Lubavitch to make us appear as if we support his Pro-Peace ideals. In fact he uses the whole Orthodox community to make us appear as if we really support Israel and her insane plan to give away the Land to the Arab enemies.

Malcolm masterminded the huge rally in Washington DC, "National Solidarity Rally for Israel" on April 15, 2002 in which over 250,000 people came! So many people who came to blast Israels position about giving away land and Gush Katif (this was before Gush) that you couldn't hear what exactly was being said on the podium with all the "Presidents" of major Jewish organizations. Well some of us who were there, did hear.

What Hoenlein did was to put a cordon ring about 100 feet from the stage. This way noone was allowed to bring rally signs saying the opposite of what he was about to sneak across. I was there. We got up to the stage to see Wolfowitz the state department negotiator going on about the wonders of Peace! When he expected people to clap, everyone BOOed!!

Malcolm did look upset.

But not as upset as we were bringing untold busses of Chabadniks to a Rally that was FOR Peace!

The guy is a class A sneak.
We advise that you don't trust him.
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