Wolf in sheep's clothing: Betzelem

A Fierce Anti-Israeli Organization Advocating For A Two State Solution*

Did you ever have the frustrating experience of setting up a speaker only to have phone calls and emails about the "true-Pro-Peace nature" of who you hired to speak about Israel?

Worry no more.

Below is a list of well known Jewish organizations and individuals who are working to help Israel to create a terror state which they call "Peace". This is called: "The Two State Solution".

Where possible, we provide evidence for their position. In most cases, they are not secretive about their leanings. Google the person or organization and put in the word: "peace" or "disengagement" to find out what their true feelings on the subject is before inviting them to advocate for their version of peace in your Chabad house! Since speaker & organizational positions do change daily, so if you note a change, please email us and we will investigate. (Click Here To Mail An Update)

Our information is solid information from over 10 years of being in the "rally business" and seeing what goes on and how the good name of Lubavitch is used to promote the opposite of the Rebbe's ideals.

Promotors Of The Peace Process

Martin Honlein & his "Conference Of Presidents" (click to see why)
ADL & Mr. Abe Foxman (click to see why)
The Simon Wiesenthal Centers (click to see why)
Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi's: "The Israel Project" - TIP (click to see why)
Jewish Council for Public Affairs: (http://www.jewishpublicaffairs.org/): JCPA (not to be confused with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) is the umbrella organization for the local Jewish Community Relations Councils (JCRCs). JCRCs may have a significant amount of their activity devoted to Israel advocacy, depending on the local community needs. Sometimes a JCRC is a committee of the local Jewish Community Federation, and sometimes JCRCs are separate organizations. The local JCRCs can involve themselves in grassroots advocacy efforts and even demonstrations on behalf of Israel.
>Editors note: Israel has created various non-profits that look like they are actually against the peace process, while in reality they are for promoting Israel's interests in continuing so-called "peace" talks for the giving away of Israel's Land. You must research an organization or individual well.

* The Rebbe is for the "One State Solution". Two state solution means that Israel must take from its land and create another country within it, which it is giving to the terrorist enemy. Hence the Rebbe's opposition. This is a clear threat to Jewish life. In determining an organizations standing about the peace process there are two other markers that come into play: 1. If they are advocating to push America to "stop pressuring Israel" (and are silent about doing the same to Israel). 2. If they advocate that Iran should be Israel's primary focus. The Rebbe always pushed on Israel when it came to "Peace" certainly, he never pushed on America. While it is obvious that Iran is an enemy, but then so is Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Iraq! Iran not as much a problem as the daily rockets and bombing coming from the PLO / Hamas / PA / Hezbullah (all the same group really). Typically Israel is silent on this obvious problem (to push forward Peace) and asks people to instead lobby to stop Iran.

Phony Non Jewish Organizations Promoting Land Concessions For "Peace"

Jay Street (click to see why)
Peace Now (click to see why)
Betzelem (click to see why)
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