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Lecturers Best Not Invited

Alan M. Dershowitz

Very Pro-Peace!

His book: "The Case For Israel" is case in point. "His thoughts are not the Rebbe's Torah thoughts".

Save yourself embarrassment explaining how his position jives with the Lubavitcher Rebbe's. It doesn't. He likes Chabad, but he is for a two state solution at the expense of pressuring Israel. (Kissinger was too by the way) Google his name and the word "peace" and a myriad of articles attesting to his position will appear.

For example:

Huffington Post Article: Feb 10, 2011

"The Turmoil In Egypt May Present Opportunies For Peace"

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The current turmoil in Egypt may present three national leaders with a unique opportunity to take bold steps to help stabilize the Middle East. President Obama should announce that he would like to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah in a month or so. As president, he has been to Egypt and Turkey but not Israel. A visit now would send a powerful message to the Egyptian people that any new government must honor its peace treaty with the Jewish State if it is to remain on friendly (and receiving) terms with the United States. A visit to Ramallah would send an equally powerful message that any effort by Egypt to undermine the Palestinian Authority in favor of Hamas (an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood) will not be tolerated.

Prime Minister Netanyahu should announce that in honor of Obama's visit, he will implement an immediate freeze on all West Bank construction. And President Abbas should announce that he immediately begin negotiations with Israel regarding realistic permanent borders. A welcome visit by the President of the United States may well provide sufficient cover for Netanyahu and Abbas to justify actions that they have had difficulty selling to their domestic constituencies. Both Netanyahu and Abbas would like to sit down and try to negotiate a resolution to this seemingly intractable conflict. But both leaders are somewhat beholding to more resistant elements in their governments.
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Mr. Dershowitz seems to feel that achieving peace is not achievable on the one hand, but on the other he just as easily states that: "why not try?"

Well and good, but why does Israel have to make land and other concessions as well? He never seems to come up with an adequate answer for this question. But being a lawyer, he is quick to argue both sides of the issue with equal ease. A great speaker, a wonderful Jew, but not appropriate to be invited to speak on the subject of Israel and the Peace Process for Chabad.

In 2013, Mr. Dershowitz was challenged by attorney Mark Langfan for his support of the Alon Plan.
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Dershowitz Partly Retracts Allon Plan Support after Langfan Op-Ed
But does he really...?

Mark Langfan's open letter posted on Arutz Sheva leads to Prof. Alan Dershowitz' retracting support for specific peace plan.. Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on printMore Sharing Services
By Arutz Sheva Staff
First Publish: 4/30/2013, 11:49 PM

Prof. Alan Dershowitz, appearing at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York this week, spoke about his plan to restart the peace talks. Dershowitz, who has no official position in Israel, but is a vocal and respected supporter of Israel, spoke to PA President Mahmoud Abbas and suggested a version of the Allon Plan of 1970.

His suggestion for a "tripartite settlement freeze" was panned by Israel's Minister of International Affairs, Yuval Steinitz, as well as by former National Security Advisor to PM Netanyahu, Dr. Uzi Arad, who opposed "ulilateral concessions."

AFSI's newly elected Chairman, Attorney Mark Langfan, sent an open letter to Prof. Dershowitz for posting in the oped section of Arutz Sheva, outlining the present day security and water rights issues which, he writes, make the Allon Plan impossible to implement today.They include lacunas such as no provision for inspection of cargo entering the area, control of air space and immigration, the ease with which Sarin-tipped rockets could be launched against Israel and additional problems that Allon did not envisage over forty years ago.

Langfan challenged Prof. Dershowitz to a debate as to whether the "1970 Allon Plan being implemented in 2013 is a hoax on the Jewish people."

The following email response was received by Att'y Langfan and forwarded by him to Arutz Sheva. In it, Prof. Dershowtitz hedges his support for the plan and writes that he is not committed to it, or any other plan.

From: Alan Dershowitz
To: Mark Langfan
Sent: Tue, Apr 30, 2013 8:18 am
Subject: Re: Open Letter to Professor Alan Dershowitz - Op-Eds - Israel National News

With all due respect, it misses my point. I argue against civilian settlements that have no positive relationship to Israel's security. Water does. I call for a variation on the Alon plan that takes into account Israel's current security needs including water. I'm not committed to Amy [sic] particular plan or formula (emphasis Arutz Sheva) -- only to a distinction between security needs and biblical claims.

Att'y Langfan told Arutz Sheva that he is awaiting Prof. Dershowitz' acceptance of his offer to debate the issue. It is over a year, and he has yet to hear any response
Did you ever have the frustrating experience of setting up a speaker only to have phone calls and emails about the "true-Pro-Peace nature" of who you hired to speak about Israel?

Worry no more.

We list well known Jewish organizations and individuals who are working to help Israel to create a terror state which they call "Peace". This is called: "The Two State Solution".

Where possible, we provide evidence for their position. In most cases, they are not secretive about their leanings. Google the person or organization and put in the word: "peace" or "disengagement" to find out what their true feelings on the subject is before inviting them to advocate for their version of peace in your Chabad house! Since speaker & organizational positions do change daily, so if you note a change, please email us and we will investigate. (Click Here To Mail An Update)

Our information is solid information from over 10 years of being in the "rally business" and seeing what goes on and how the good name of Lubavitch is used to promote the opposite of the Rebbe's ideals.
Questions? For express answers email here (include your phone number): (Click Here For Questions).

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