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Wolf in sheep's clothing: AIPAC

An Organization Advocating For A Two State Solution*

AIPAC is an Israel lobbying group sponsored by Israel to promote Israel's interests in Washington.

There is no great secret about what they do. Certainly, there is nothing illegal about this. However, one must realize what AIPAC is and its role in pushing for Peace in Washington while YOU are busting your behind to rally for Israel to keep her land and to stop the "Land for Peace" Process.

AIPAC was investigated by the FBI recently (click here to read) a holdover of an FBI investigation in 2005 for allegedly spying. (the charge was the illegal passing of information by a state department worker) (it seems they were studies on economic affects of entering into trade agreements with Israel) Whatever the truth was, the fact is that an American state department worker working for some office in Washington was sent to jail for a few years over these allegations of passing information to an AIPAC worker. I am only telling you this so you understand that there are strong suspicions that it is in fact an arm of the Israeli government and as such holds the opinions of Israel's government including furtherance of Peace talks and a two state solution with an Arab terror state being created out of the gut of Israel. While there are many good things AIPAC does, inviting them to "Advocate" for the furtherance of Peace "with conditions" and a two state solution at your Chabad House is not what the Lubavitcher Rebbe advocates. In fact is the exact opposite.

A word to the wise-

Being "lobbyists", lobbying within the Jewish community here in America for Israel's agenda on Peace, so there is nothing they would like more than to get photos of being invited to Chabad or to get photos of Chabad attending their events as has happened to unknowing organizations and shluchim recently.

AIPAC has a stated purpose of Lobbying for Israel in Washington DC.

It does this in many ways that begin with you, the reader in your town or community. Especially, it begins with “community leaders” of influence, such as a Chabad Shaliach. A vote in Washington is not something one starts on Capitol Hill, but rather with the petitioning of community leaders who then go to their constituents, who rally local and state representatives who pass on the plea and application to the State and then the Federal level.

AIPAC says on its website: We are “A Voice for the U.S.-Israel Relationship [1]
Political advocacy is one of the most effective ways in which AIPAC works to accomplish its mission. Each year, AIPAC is involved in more than 100 legislative and policy initiatives aimed at broadening and deepening the U.S.-Israel bond.
AIPAC works to secure vital aid for Israel to help ensure Israel remains strong and secure. AIPAC is working to promote strategic cooperation between the two nations, to develop sound U.S. anti-terrorist policies, to share homeland security techniques and technologies, and to stop rogue nations such as Iran from acquiring weapons of mass destruction. These efforts are critical to Israel's security and to American interests abroad. In addition to working closely with Congress, AIPAC also actively educates and works with candidates for federal office, White House, Pentagon and State Department officials, and other policymakers whose decisions affect Israel's future and America's policies in the Middle East.

This is the important part for you, the Shaliach to understand: (the mission statement continues)

Creating Citizen Advocates
While building support in Washington is essential, AIPAC is found wherever the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship could be affected. AIPAC has a network of 10 regional offices and nine satellite offices that help pro-Israel activists from Missoula to Miami learn how they can affect Israel's future by promoting strong ties with the United States.

Throughout the year and around the country, AIPAC sponsors exciting educational programs featuring leading members of Congress, policymakers and top analysts. AIPAC also works on hundreds of college campuses, teaching students how to answer Israel's detractors and how to use political involvement to build support for Israel. The core of AIPAC's mission is building a base of citizen advocates who team with our expert staff to educate America's elected officials, policy makers and opinion leaders. But we also engage in many important initiatives to ensure that whatever the future holds, AIPAC will be positioned to effectively promote the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Among our most recent efforts is the Synagogue Initiative, which makes AIPAC information and staff available to congregations across America. AIPAC also reaches out to Christian, Hispanic, African American and other key community leaders to help ensure that Americans remain committed to the ties between the two democracies.

AIPAC does fine work in promoting their idea of “Israel”.

In fact AIPAC only promotes whatever Israel’s current policies are including its current initiative is of Disengagement, calling the program: “Giving away Israel’s Land for Peace”.

Land is a vital bargaining tool for “concessions” on giving money to Israel.

On May 22, 2005, AIPAC formally adopted disengagement as part of their agenda. This news item was taken from “American’s For Peace Now” website:

Americans for Peace Now (APN) today welcomed a new policy position in favor of Israel's disengagement plan that was formally adopted this morning as part of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC) 2005 Action Agenda. The language states that one of AIPAC's priorities in the coming year is "supporting the U.S. Government's backing of Israel's initiative to disengage from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank/Samaria [sic] and ensuring that the United States and the international community provide the necessary support for that initiative to succeed." [2]

On July 1, 2005 AIPAC sent a letter to President Bush [3] supporting Israel’s disengagement plan with 20 pages of senatorial & governmental support signatures (Copied off of AIPAC’s website.) “Dear President Bush,
“In all meetings with Arab States and European leaders we must encourage them to actively support disengagement, Palestinian security and political reform and, most importantly a large part of the substantial financial assistance the Palestinians will need to improve the economic prospects for Gazan’s following Israel’s withdrawal.”

The following was taken from a 2004 Israel National News article on AIPAC discussing their promoting disengagement and the “Land for Peace” Process.

while appearing to be an advocacy organization representing all Jews, in truth they are simply promoting Israel’s current disengagement agenda.[4] Beth Goodtree quotes from a brochure they handed out at that conference promoting disengagement:
At a recent AIPAC conference, Natan Sharansky wanted to speak about the dangers of pursuing Disengagement: “AIPAC leaders didn't want to let Mr. Sharansky speak. It went against their personal agenda -- which was to foist their preferred program of disengagement on the world and Israeli citizens. This, despite the fact that many Israelis, as well as Diaspora Jews, are very much against the giving away of Jewish historical and holy land. The eviction of Jews seen by many as the reward our enemies get for terror. Reward Israel is giving to an entire society bent upon committing Jewish genocide.[5] So what are the AIPAC “mistruths”? Here are choice Quotes from the AIPAC Brochure educating attendees on “talking points” that are advantages to trading “Land For Peace”:

AIPAC -"The peace process will only succeed if Israel disengages..." [6]

The Truth - The Arabs were bombing Israel, hijacking planes and murdering Jews long before and right up to the time that the Jews turned empty, barren, uninhabited land into thriving towns.

AIPAC Points #2 & #3 - "US aid (to Israel) enhances the prospects for peace by making clear to Israel's would-be adversaries that there is no military alternative to negotiations."[7]

The Truth - US aid to Israel has been going on for decades and it hasn't convinced Israel's enemies that there is no alternative to negotiations. Since the year 2000, there have been 22,000 attacks on Israelis. [8] US aid to Israel is being counteracted by US aid to the very people attacking Israel. This includes the billions of dollars given to the Arabs occupying Jewish Palestine as well as to their aiders and abettors -- the Egyptians -- who are waging a blood libel and hate campaign against Jews and Israel.

AIPAC Point #4 - "Israel's withdrawal from Gaza will mean that 1.3 million Palestinians will no longer be subject to Israeli jurisdiction." [9]

AIPAC Point #5- "Nearly 430,000 West Bank Palestinians will no longer be under Israel's security control." [10]

Going to AIPAC’s website, one wonders if today, they are still “Pro-Peace”?
After all, much has happened since 2005 to prove Peace for Land is not a viable option. So we find for 2010, an interesting document: “Key Principles of the Peace Process ”[11]. In this document, AIPAC encourages the United States to continue in the quest for Arab Israeli Peace. It seems like Israel has lost control of the Peace monster it created and appears to be begging the United States to allow it to be the direct negotiator, pointing out all the injustices done to Israel by the other side. Basically, nothing has changed as one of the Key Principles states:
” The issues to be resolved—borders, settlements, Jerusalem, refugees and security—are difficult and will require sustained effort and compromise. [12] ”

From this one can understand that AIPAC is quite “pro-Peace” and supports a two state solution, including the creation of an Arab terror state. AIPAC is not a small “grass roots” organization! They hide nothing and you, the shaliach are their target audience! Remember the “synagogue initiative” mentioned in the mission statement? That’s you. And as we saw above on their websites mission statement: “AIPAC has a network of 10 regional offices and nine satellite offices” around the United States to better ensure that you and your congregation, are part of AIPAC’s Peace-for-Land initiative.

Is AIPAC just a “Jewish Citizens Initiative”?
AIPAC was investigated by the FBI for questionable activities. As a result, an Defense Department Official in Washington went to jail. I am not bringing this to smear AIPAC.On a last note, AIPAC’s relationship with Israel appears to be more as an “arm of Israel” as opposed to a simple “citizens effort” at lobbying for Israel. AIPAC director Steven J. Rosen and senior analyst Keith Weissman were both fired over the issue.

AIPAC Disengagement Curse?
On a last note about this sorry affair, if you look at when AIPAC’s former Steven Rosen was arrested, it was 13 days before Gush Katif, on August 2. August 15, 2005 Gush Katif was evicted and soon after Netzarim on August 22! Another case of “Disengagement Curse”? Or perhaps the first case. It was AIPAC more than anyone that brought in the United States as a player in the “Land for Peace” process.

HaAretz reporting on August 4th saw the connection jokingly calling his firing:
“AIPAC’s Disengagement Plan”: “To this end, AIPAC had to institute its own kind of "disengagement plan" this week. AIPAC realized that it was too heavy a burden to keep policy director Steve Rosen and Iran expert Keith Weissman on its staff. By the time Rice steps onto the podium, they hope, AIPAC will have distanced itself from the affair”[13] .


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>Editors note: Israel has created various non-profits that look like they are actually against the peace process, while in reality they are for promoting Israel's interests in continuing so-called "peace" talks for the giving away of Israel's Land. One must research an organization or individual very well these days before inviting him to speak.

* The Rebbe is for the "One State Solution". Two state solution means that Israel must take from its land and create another country within it, which it is giving to the terrorist enemy. Hence the Rebbe's opposition. This is a clear threat to Jewish life. In determining an organizations standing about the peace process there are two other markers that come into play: 1. If they are advocating to push America to "stop pressuring Israel" (and are silent about doing the same to Israel). 2. If they advocate that Iran should be Israel's primary focus. The Rebbe always pushed on Israel when it came to "Peace" certainly, he never pushed on America. While it is obvious that Iran is an enemy, but then so is Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Iraq! Iran not as much a problem as the daily rockets and bombing coming from the PLO / Hamas / PA / Hezbullah (all the same group really). Typically Israel is silent on this obvious problem (to push forward Peace) and asks people to instead lobby to stop Iran.
Did you ever have the frustrating experience of setting up a speaker only to have phone calls and emails about the "true-Pro-Peace nature" of who you hired to speak about Israel?

Worry no more.

We list well known Jewish organizations and individuals who are working to help Israel to create a terror state which they call "Peace". This is called: "The Two State Solution".

Where possible, we provide evidence for their position. In most cases, they are not secretive about their leanings. Google the person or organization and put in the word: "peace" or "disengagement" to find out what their true feelings on the subject is before inviting them to advocate for their version of peace in your Chabad house! Since speaker & organizational positions do change daily, so if you note a change, please email us and we will investigate. (Click Here To Mail An Update)

Our information is solid information from over 10 years of being in the "rally business" and seeing what goes on and how the good name of Lubavitch is used to promote the opposite of the Rebbe's ideals.
Questions? For express answers email here (include your phone number): (Click Here For Questions).

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