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Tznius & Internet? Tznius & Internet? Internet & Tznius?
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Tznius* & Internet?!

Thoughts On The Effect Of Internet On Tznius!

Here we go...

What effect is the computer and Internet having on tznius? Below are various thoughts on the subject

Rav Diskin Discusses Internet

Computers and the Jewish Home Article

Internet Addiction

Danger Of Child Predators

*Tznius means many things. In English it is roughly translated as "modest", but it means that in our dress we are covered according to Jewish law. In our thoughts we think only proper things. In our speech, we only speak refined things. In our actions we not only dress modestly, but we are not loud, publicly noticeable and in general we act in a refined way.


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Laws Of Tznius

Sichos From The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Thoughts On The Subject

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Internet Not For A Jewish Home

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