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Tznius Campaign For The Fogel Family

Take On A Resolution To Be More Tznius For The Fogel Family

Dear Eretz Yisrael Activist,
There is an interesting window of opportunity open now that people want to do something about the murdered Fogel family.

Why not create a "Be Tznius For Eretz Yisrael" campaign that is in line with what the Rebbe spoke about in 1970?
(I quote below): We find that Hash-m tells the Jewish People:
“You will lay down to sleep and your sleep will be sweet".
“You can sleep peacefully”, says Hash-m, “Because I am standing over you to protect you.”

What affects this? Is our being tznius. Our Torah tells us: “The Lord Your G-d goes within your camp".

Because of this, our Torah tells us: “There should not be seen in you any immodest thing".

When the One Above sees that the Jewish people, wherever we find ourselves, are Tznius (dress and act modest). So then G-d rests his holy Schechina upon the Jewish People.

This then causes of itself, "To save you and to give over your enemy into your hands”.

Click Here To See The Original Sicha in English

Click here to see the original sicha in Yiddish (pages 195-196)

1970 - 5730 From Vol 5730 vol. 2 (Pages 195 – 196) of Sichos Kodesh
Address to N'Shei UBnos Chabad Womens Convention

Now we have a moment, an amazing window of opportunity. People want to something, but don't know what.

Give them something in their hands to do.
This is graspable. It is tangible. Peoples lives could be saved from it!

The Rebbe is giving us ammunition, neshek.
Improvements in Tznius. Any small thing- Counts for so much!

One woman in England is campaigning to light Shabbos candles. Over 20,000 people are purported to have signed up.

Here, we have a mivtza that the Rebbe spoke of and is directly nogayah to life and death in Eretz Yisrael. It is my humble opinion that we should grab the moment.

Please take anything you find on the subject on our site and create a:
"By the women; For the women campaign." Just don't ponder too long,
For the moment will pass...

Ask people to take on Hachlatot (resolutions) in tznius (confidentially)
Create a fast facebook page - Then email a link to all your friends
Create a page on your website with an email address to send you an email
Make money from this for your mossad or business by linking the page you create to your business
Make a campaign for the fun of it.
Put a note that all resolutions are completely confidential. (perhaps ask the person if you can post their name but no email or resolution.)
Email to your friends to email to all their friends
Sample text below (feel free to add or change)

"But I'm not so tznius.
Who am I to tell others what they should do when I am not holding by this level? ...It is not like I am "Miss Tznius" or anything-"

You are right-
However, G-d looks into each of our hearts. Doesn't Tanya start with the thought that nobody is a Tzaddik and that we all have faults? Tanya was not created for Tzaddikim. It was created for us, those are striving to be "halevay a baynoni". As such: None of us are perfect and even someone who looks "pretty frum" could certainly use some improvement...
Every little change for the better helps protect Jews in Eretz Yisrael!
Who knows who is watching you who would be impressed to do even more?

Plus we see in Novi (and the Rebbe emphasizes this so many times):
Even making the hachlota (resolution), even though we have not yet done it, has a powerful effect!

Free editing available.
Anyone who creates a "Tznius4TheFogels" campaign of some sort:
Send a link to and email to: Shevi@chabad4israel.org
Request free editing or review.

This opportunity is limited. We have dedicated people who have volunteered to correct text. Send across what you have written. We will correct what you wrote and send back!
(See suggested text below this note-)
Please mail us back your link to post.

With all best wishes,
Raanan Isseroff
Assistant Director
Crown Hts Commitee For Shleimus HaAretz
Advocating For Eretz Yisrael - "Chabad Style!"

see us on the web!

Suggested text for webpage or facebook page:

Be Tznius For The Fogel Family Of Itamar

Campaign for women and girls to increase in tznius (personal modesty) to protect Jews living in Eretz Yisrael. (Israel)

This is in response to the horrible events of this past Shabbos in Itamar Eretz Yisrael.

A campaign the Lubavitcher Rebbe suggested in 1970 in a talk to N'shei Chabad.

In honor of the family we are asking that women and girls make resolutions (hachlatot) to do something to improve in personal tznius, in dress, speech or action. This will increase the necessary "spritual forcefield" Jews in Israel so vitally need.

Please send in your resolution to do something to increase in personal tznius. (modesty) For suggestions ask your local Chabad Rabbi or Mushpah.

We each know in our hearts how we can improve!
Every little bit helps-

If you agree:
Your name will be posted without the actual resolution you are taking.
All resolutions will be read in (770 or the Ohel whichever you specify).
Please include your full Jewish name and your mothers Jewish name.

We are asking that you send this note to all your friends so that they too may share in this great mitzvah!

Not Chabad? Don't like our text?
NO Problem.

Please feel free to steal this idea!

All the very best,
(put your name)

For more ideas see:
"Tznius4Israel Campaign"


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