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Twin Your Beis Chabad With A Chabad House In Eretz Yisrael

Twinning Your Bais Chabad With A Bais Chabad In The Areas Being Given Away!

What is Twinning?

"Twinning" is a program Israel used to use to bring about media attention and financial help to areas and communities in Israel. It was unbelieveably successful and is incredibly simple to implement.

The concept works like this: A Chabad house or community joins forces with a Bais Chabad in an area of Israel being given away. A video press event is made both here and in Eretz Yisrael bringin community focus into play. Then delegations are sent to visit that community from here. They come from there. The children make pen pals. Each thing gets press..

Meanwhile it builds positive attention to the actual problems in your community and gives sense of relief to those in the Holy Land.

This gives you many opportunities in front of the camera to explain to the listening public what the Lubavitcher Rebbe's thoughts are about Land for Peace. (if you don't know, we recommend: "When Silence Is A Sin" by Sichos in English.

The point is to make a media splash within your community creating continuing awareness and education (which you provide) in your community about the problems of Oslo.

Note on the education part:
Currently, AIPAC is writing the scripts. AIPAC is controlling the media about Peace for American Jews. But AIPAC is not only pro-peace, they are the original engineers of the idea!

So inviting AIPAC to your community to "'Splain" the Rebbe's opinion will only make you another cog in their peace making machine.

Next, within your school or community, an official event is held. The Rabbi of that Bais Chabad comes with leaders of that community (Have him invite the mayor to come as well. See if you can arrange a meeting with the mayor where you are. Bring press and cameras. Invite members of the Knesset, etc. Thats here.

In Eretz Yisrael. You invite to the event local town or city officials such as the mayor and other important people from your area. Invite a military expert on anti-terror operations. The press is informed of your program.

Using the momentum of this event, have the important people give speeches on the necessity of keeping these areas. They discuss the The danger of giving them away and caving in to terror, etc.

You dictate what the subject of their speeches will be which is of course: The ever worsening terror situation in these areas due to Israel's continued talks for peace. This is bad for Israel and worse for the US. This is a springboard to again discuss the Rebbe's position.

After the event have kids from your local area buddy up with a kid in the host Israeli shaliachs area.
The children write to each other.
The parents from there, travel here and are hosted.

A "mission" from here goes there, including some of the pen pals.
Pictures are taken.
Press gives interviews. Take lots of pictures.

Publish their penpal letters to each other and a story about daily life in that area of Eretz Yisrael.

The point being, we want re-humanize these people who the press has demonized.
In the process do not refer to them as "settlers" but rather "Citizens of Israel" or "Israelis living in the outlying areas".

Create A Media Event
6 months later, have a dinner or event in your community where everyone from here and there including all the twins from the matching schools make speeches and their stories are illuminated. Invite the local leaders of the Jewish community, the federation and the mayor. They will each be asked to speak. If these important people are there, you can be sure the press will be there.
At the same time in Eretz Yisrael, give the articles and press to the Media there. Ask them to come cover the event.

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