Secret Agreements To Give Away Israel’s Land

Secret Talks To Give Back Land Won In Six Day War
As I said, I was not referring to the City’s true fate, but to the secret bargaining which is taking place in the inner diplomatic circles — which is quite publicized amongst the gentiles — regarding which part of the liberated territories to surrender, and which parts not to surrender. Though they have been carrying out this perilous bargaining for over a year, and even at the outset there were many who were of the opinion to return it, lately this belief has become more rampant.

Letter from Lubavitcher Rebbe to Rabbi Moshe Levinger in Hebron. December 12, 1968
Israel Invites Pressue For Concessions

“All of the pressure, concessions and so on, are founded in, and encouraged by certain well-known, (Jewish) influential groups within Israel itself, whose influence on international relations is, at times, absolute

Moreover, they actually invite pressure, either directly or indirectly!
An undeniable proof to this — one that I have already pointed out many times and that has even been publicized in the papers — is the fact that immediately after the Six-Day War they sent an official, though inconspicuous delegation, made-up of government representatives (ministers) to Washington with an offer to give back all of the territories that the Jews recaptured, in exchange for so-called “peace”.