Directions To Rally Across From Israeli Consulate In Manhattan
Number 4 train to Grand Central. Go upstairs and walk over to 2nd Avenue
Address: 800 Second Ave., New York NY 10017

Please bring a lunch and protest signs in English protesting Israel's disregard for Jewish safety by giving away land. For more on signs and suggested messages see below

The Rebbe spoke about need to protest and the mitzva to protest Israel's irresponsible foreign policies. Especially for Rabbanim to lead such protests and not remain silent. For more information about the Lubavitcher Rebbe's position on the Peace Process go to: Click Here.

Also read "When Silence Is A Sin" To Read Click Here

Directions to the Rally: DIRECTIONS

Call for more information: (212) 828-2424 or email: Click To Email

Suggested Rally Sign Messages:

A Safe Israel Comes Before: "What Will The Goy Think"? (or what will the non-Jew think)
Talks For Peace Only Bring More Terror
It Says In The Bible: "The Land of Israel Belongs To The Jews"
No Talks About Land For Peace
Israel Is Not For Sale


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