350 Israeli Rabbis Make Election Website

Rabbinical Council for Peace:
Giving Land Is The Main Issue

Increase G-d’s Protection Of The Land of Israel Wherever You Are
From: Pikuach Nefesh – pikuachnefesh.net
March 9, 2015

Israeli elections are coming up soon. Rabbinical Council for Peace (in Hebrew called: Pikuach Nefesh) has created a website to educate Israeli voters to lobby for Jewish priorities this election.

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Rabbinical Council For Peace: A Vote for the Left Is A Vote for Death

Rabbinical Congress for Peace erects hundreds of billboards noting that voting for withdrawals from Judea-Samaria will likely cost lives.

A series of posters from a prominent rabbinic organization, the RCP encourage voters to think of the consequences of a leftist government when they vote Thursday, via a mass bill-board campaign throughout Israel.

The Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP), has put up hundreds of billboards which read: “Ceding Israeli land is a danger to life” and “Thousands were murdered as a result of Oslo and the Disengagement (from Gaza). That’s a fact!”. These billboards are at most every major thoroughfare in Israel.

The RCP, which campaigns to stop Land-for-Peace, is comprised of over 350 prominent rabbinical and religious figures. These prominant rabbis under the RCP have ruled that it is forbidden to negotiate peace agreements where Israel withdraws from territory currently under its soveriegn control. They base their ruling on the Shulhan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law), Orach Chaim 329. There is discussed the case of a Jewish town on the border of a non-Jewish country that is attacked on Shabbos (Shabbat). The inhabitants must pick up weapons and go out to fight.

Because if this town or city falls, the interior of the non-Jewish country will be more easily conquored. It is believed that they base their ruling on a meeting of the Motzes Gedolei HaTorah in 1937 organized by the Chafetz Chaim (who passed away before the opening of the event), Rav Elchonan Wasserman and Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky, together with Rav Aharon Kotlar, Rav Tzirelson, Rav Menachem Ziemba, The Klausenberger Rebbe and most every Chassidic Rebbe in Europe at that time, including of course the cream of Lithuanian Rabbonim who attended. They met to rule on the possibility of a a Jewish government over Palestine for the first time in over 2000 years.

It is a given therefore, that when we apply this rule to the Land of Israel, the law is talking about a Jewish town in a non-Jewish country. In the land of Israel how much more so this applies! As well, since the land is such a small area, roughly 30 miles wide by 200 miles long, so each town given brings the enemy closer making the interior more easily conquored. As such, each town and city in Israel has the halachic status of: “on the border”. Seen in this light, giving up even one inch of the Land of Israel will lead to bloodshed as borne out by the history of land for peace.

The rabbis rule that the message conveyed by this campaign is that the sanctity of life is above all.

“Jewish law obligates every rabbi to bring the Laws of Pikuah Nefesh (matters of life or death) to the forefront. To explain it to every member of their community emphatically and in no uncertain terms,” the RCP says in a statement.
“In the midst of all the confusion of the election campaigns it is very easy to forget what is the most important issue – the security of the citizens of Israel.”

“These days we are witnessing how various groups and campaigns that are being funded with huge sums of money by the European Union who are trying to blur reality, to confuse the public and make Jews forget what has happened here in the last 23 years,” said Rabbi Avrohm Shmuel Lewin, Director of the RCP. “Not only has no one been held accountable for the thousands of victims caused by withdrawals throughout the years from Oslo until after the Disengagement from Gaza, but there is an attempt to persuade the public to vote for parties who will continue in this dangerous path.”

“Therefore the campaign slogans by the various parties conceal the real issue which is at stake,” he continued. “The rabbis are the only ones who tell it plain and straight-forward like it is.”

RCP representatives stressed that they are not affiliated with any specific political party and that, in their view, the issue is religious, not political. (Ed: obviously its an issue of: Life and Death which transcends the religious or political)

“Our only intention is that before a voter votes, he should be aware that according to Jewish law the most important issue to take into account before any other consideration – whether it’s money to yeshivot (Torah academies – ed.) or a solution to the housing crisis,is the safety and security of the residents of Israel- which can only happen if there is no compromising the integrity of the Land of Israel. Then let them each vote according to his or her conscience.”

Rabbi Yoseph Gerlitzky, Chairman of the RCP and Rabbi of Central Tel Aviv, stated Thursday: “To put it plainly: our intent is not to tell the voter who to vote for but what to vote for.”

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