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Curriculum For Teaching Shleimus HaAretzCurriculum To Teach Shleimus HaAretz
English - Outline for 5 Classes


Finally! A curriculum for teaching the Lubavitcher Rebbe's plan for peace in Eretz Yisrael.
The Curriculum is material for five classes. Suggested teaching materials are included in the PDF or as links from the curriculum. Starting with a be-iyun study of the halacha 329 in Hilchot Shabbos in both Mishna Brurah and the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Oruch. Then on to real-time historical reasons backing up the Lubavitcher Rebbe's problem with land for peace that take us back in time to World War II and the Pre-World War II Marienbad Conference organized by Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky and the Klausenberger Rebbe. This fascinating course will have your students sitting on the edge of their seats. Great Camp Material!!

To download the Teachers Curriculum click here:
Letters from the Lubavitcher Rebbe On Land for PeaceLetters On Land For Peace

By The Lubavitcher Rebbe

English 33 pages


Since 1951, the Lubavitcher Rebbe has tirelessly advocated for a strong Israel that not only doesn't give an inch, but takes at least a mile! (as the opportunity continually presents itself)
Making a case for defense of the Land of Israel, from the point of view of safety and security for all who dwell there, the Lubavitcher Rebbe brings to the foray a brilliant point of view seemingly devoid of religious considerations. In reading these letters, we see the Rebbe begging Israeli diplomats to use every opportunity to gain an advantage for the Jews of the land of Israel simply so they will be safe. They should not have to live in fear. These are letters to Israeli prime ministers, generals, state officials, prominent rabbis and anyone the Rebbe felt could make the smallest difference. The legal removal of Jews from their land by their own government appalled the Rebbe. While the Rebbe is certainly no Zionist, putting Jews in danger is forbidden, no matter who they are. Jewish law sees the safety of every Jew as the responsibility of incumbent on everyone, overriding the most religious considerations, even Shabbos.

To print off:
Download and have your printer prepare it as a booklet printed two-sided on 9 pages (8.5 inches by 11). To have us print them for you email Shevi at: Outreach Materials Coordinator Cost is $6 plus shipping.

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Ben Hecht's Famous Book: -"Pefidy" - English

The 1951 Trial of Rudolph Kastner

Ben Hecht details the story of Rudolph Kastner's four year trial in Tel Aviv for collaborating with the Nazis. In the process Ben artfully weaves the history of Israel's peace process as a process that starts with the formation of the Jewish Agency in the 1920's by British government as a colonial governing body. The deceptions the Jewish Agencies Mr. Kastner played on the unsuspecting Jews of Hungery to lead them peacefully onto trains to the death camps; in return for his and a select group of 1000. How these select few came to Israel and joined the new government of Israel forming policies that today so neatly reflect their origins in the Holocaust.

With this book one can trace the origins of Land for Peace back to the Jewish Agencies bargaining during the war of Jewish lives for favorable concessions.
Published in Hebrew with the title: "Kachash" כחש

Banned in Israel (so the rumor goes), you will not put it down.

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I Escaped From Auschwitz" - English

By Prof Rudy Vrba


This very graphic account of Dr. Rudy Vrba's capture and incarceration in Auschwitz and his determination to expose this top secret extermination camp's dirty secrets. Dr. Vrba compiled statistics of the Jews being killed there and with the help of the inmates was one of three people who ever escaped this top secret facility. He found out about a plan to bring all of the Jews of Hungary and even the schedule for bringing them there. With the help of the inmates, he made a daring escape and made it to Hungary, where he presented a copy of the plan to Rudoph Kastener's Jewish Rescue Committee. To his chagrin, the plan was ignored and what happened next is even more surprising.
This book is a partner to "Perfidy" by Ben Hecht, for the simply reason that the two stories tie in. One being about Rudolph Kastner and his rescue committee being exposed in 1954 as a vehicle helping the Germans to more easily expedite Hungary's final solution. The other being about Dr. Vrbas efforts to educate the Rescue Committee and save more Jews.

Both are historical accounts of how Israel's attitudes favoring Land for Peace began, surprisingly enough, they have their roots in the Holocaust, which are still playing out today.

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Booklet: -"I Will Show You Wonders" Statements by Lubavitcher Rebbe during 1990-91 Gulf War - (English)

Lubavitcher Rebbe's Statements During 1990-91 Gulf War

Everyone who lived through the winter of 1990-1991 remembers that throughout the world, people panicked in dread of chemical warfare. Invoking memories of World War II with deadly missiles hurled from thousands of miles away. The thought of an extended and bloody military conflict frightened Jews in America and Israel. The media incited anxiety, evoking distressing images of what could be. Many public figures wavered in indecision, compounding the uneasiness of people at large.

While people worldwide were seeking direction and inspiration, one voice stood out. In the Jewish community and indeed, far beyond the Jewish community, ordinary people, religious leaders, and opinion-makers all turned to the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Brooklyn. Shining forth as a source of unwavering optimism, the Rebbe radiated confidence anchored in a trust in G-d's Providence, with a vision of peace, leadership and purpose stemming from the Torah's eternally relevant truth.

Recalling a passage from the Midrashic classic Yalkut Shimoni that describes a crisis in the Gulf zone that will cause: "nations to challenge each other," "the entire world [to] panic and be stricken with consternation," and "Israel also [to] panic and be confounded."

The Rebbe points to the conclusion of that passage:
[G-d] will tell them: "My children, have no fear. Everything I have done, I have done only for your sake. Why are you afraid? Have no fear; the time for your redemption has arrived."

With prophetic vision, the Rebbe reassured people time and time again that Eretz Yisrael is "the safest place in the world." With a confident smile, he tells Jewish soldiers in the American army that the war will be over by Purim. And to all, he radiated strength, serenity, and purpose.

Recalling those events, we look for such a voice today and - in lieu of one - find ourselves listening again to the Rebbe�s words of the past. The Rebbe's words uttered then apply so aptly today!

The statements the Rebbe made are reprinted in the present booklet. They share poignant relevance to our present situation. Now as much as then, that no Jew is deserving of harm.
The theme of wonders and miracles that pervades the entire booklet is so pertinent in our time, for Divine miracles are not past history. G-d can intervene conspicuously in our lives, providing deliverance and relief in a manner beyond any expectations of mortal reason.

Below are are links to the book in English. You can buy the booklet at: Website
Or mail or call to: Sichos In English - 788 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York 11213 (718)778-5436
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A great item for quick information! Price about $4 plus shipping
Poster: -"Ketyusha Rocket Range From Lands Given Away & Land About To Be Given Away" by Mark Langfan - English

Ketyusha Rockets From The Enemy Areas?

Are the lands being given away being given over to be missile launch areas? Mark Langfan, an attorney and expert on the problems with "Land for Peace" has developed clever visual aids to quickly help one understand that Land for Peace is not an option. Developed to be used either as Powerpoint slide show material or to be printed off as posters or page sized leaflets for rally's and informational events, these posters are in English, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic and many other languages.

The posters clearely show how "Land for Peace" is a death trap.

Mark has done much research and found that the weapons being brought in are called Ketuysha's. What is a Ketyusha? This series of mini rockets was developed by the Russians to fight back the invading Nazi armies. It is credited with turning the tide of the war and driving the Germans out of Russia. Cheap to produce. Cheap and easy to field, with a range of up to 19 miles (some claim 24 miles) and capable of being loaded with chemical and biological weapons, the conclusion one is left with is frightening. More recently, Ketyushas were used in the last offensive by terrorist forces with devastating effect when Israel invaded Lebanon. Kassams are a homemade version of this rocket.

Below are are links to English, Hebrew and Russian. You can view Mark's work at: Website
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Poster: -"Why Israel Can Not Retreat From West Bank" by Mark Langfan - English

Withdraw from West Bank?


Palestinian West Bank Population 'Explosion’ if Israel withdraws? This is a CIA prediction according to Attorney Mark Langfan who developed this Clever poster to quickly explain the problems of withdrawl for Israel from the West Bank.

Below are are links to English, Hebrew and Russian. You can view Mark's work at: Website
To download poster in English: click here
To download poster in Hebrew: click here
To download poster in Russian: click here
Book -"Banished" by Aliza Basmenachem - English

BANISHED – Synopsis
In the summer of 2005, an operation known as the Disengagement Plan sent Jewish soldiers to evacuate and destroy more than twenty Jewish towns in the Gaza Strip. Through fictional characters, Aliza examines the lives of the Israeli government operatives and their victims of the Disengagement Plan. The book begins just before the Plan is made public until a few months after its implementation. The forces that compel the Prime Minister, his assistant Dean, their operative Yigal, and the successful but frustrated social climber Limrod, to form the team that plans its expulsion of Jews from the Holy Land. The Disengagement Plan set Jewish soldiers on the helpless residents evacuating and destroying more than twenty Jewish towns in the Gaza Strip.

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Expulsion from Gush KatifBook -"The Expulsion From Gush Katif" by Naomi Grossman - English - 260 pages

The summer of 2005 is permanently engraved upon the memory of Israeli society as the time when thousands of Jewish civilians were forcibly removed by their own government from their homes in northern Samaria and the Gush Katif bloc of the Gaza Strip. Their community was destroyed as part of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan. For those who never lived in Jewish Gaza, The Expulsion of Gush Katif provides a clear picture of the suffering of its residents and what they went through when their homes were destroyed. It is a moving record of faith and strength, and hope for the future.

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Return to product information Book -"When Silence Is A Sin" by Mordechai Sones & Rabbi Yankel Koncepolski & Shimon Neubort- English

Kindle Edition download: Click here to buy the KINDLE Edition

This wonderful translation of "Zaakat HaMelech" compiles key sichot (public addresses) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, R. Menachem M. Schneersohn, on the subject of the safety and integrity of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people's obligation to speak up for the sake of its integrity. The Lubavitcher Rebbe makes a clear, compelling case for keeping all of Israel's territories liberated in the 1967 Six Days War under Jewish sovereignty. The Rebbe makes it clear that we must we not be deceived by promises of an elusive peace: Territorial concession will not only not lead to peace, but actually will bring the opposite. Even speaking of our intention to sacrifice territories will put Jewish lives in danger.
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Book: Shalom Shalom Ve Eyn Shalom - שלום שלום ואין שלום

Book Is In Hebrew - ספר בערית
Return to product informationThirty years ago the Rebbe instructed Rabbi Volpo to publish his book "Shalom Shalom v′Ayn Shalom" that deals with Shleimus Haaretz and the dangers of the Camp David Accords. The book includes rare documentation from different wars in Israel and the struggle against the pullback from Sinai * The historical volume is coming out in a new edition

A new edition of the historical book "Shalom Shalom v′Ayn Shalom" will be available shortly. The book is very timely, in view of the upheavals and revolutions taking place in the Arab countries. The book summarizes the struggle against the pullback from Sinai, and presents hundreds of documents and news clippings from that period of time.

The book was written and published 30 years ago by Rabbi Sholom Dov Volpo, Chairman of the "Our Land of Israel" Movement, by a personal directive from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the days of the Sinai withdrawal.
The content of the book is fascinating, and has historical importance, helping understand the struggle against the Begin government′s concessions.

The events are presented in clear chronological order, and lead the reader in a time tunnel back to the Six Day War, the War of Attrition, the Yom Kippur War, up until and including the Camp David Accords. The book includes rare documentation of articles, certificates, and newspaper clippings from those days.
The publications department of SOS- Israel decided to publish the book in a new edition, for the lessons to be learned are so pertinent in the present. The book should be required study material in all schools and a must have in every home. The book explains clearly the significance of the sanctity of Eretz Yisroel, the inherent dangers in withdrawing from territories, and the obligation to protect Eretz Yisroel in light of the events that transpired.
The volume contains 600 printed pages on glossy paper, and thousands of books will be released for sale in the coming days in book stores around the country. We call upon all Eretz Yisroel loyalists to help distribute the book to as many people as possible.

To order by phone: 08-8584353
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Tale of Seven Sheep

by Gadi Pollack
Magnificent illustrations, witty and hilarious text, and a very meaningful storyline make this outstanding book a real winner. Kids will be enraptured, but adults will grasp the true depth and satire that the book represents. What happens when a group of sheep decide to leave their loving shepherd. This is a parody of Israel's pandering after "Peace For Land". The seven sheep leave their traditional Jewish ways and their "Shepard", Moses and his Torah. They run to the woods only to find themselves surrounded by wolves. They try making peace and debate amongst theirselves about how best to make peace with the wolves, representing the nations of the world. Each time one is beaten almost to death, yet they try, try again! Until finally, the "Shepard" finds them and redeems them from their exile returning them to his protection. A complete parody on the Peace process. Cute for kids, but better appreciated by adults. The cost is pricey, but the artwork and good cheer are worth it
Hardcover: 65 pages. Publisher: Feldheim Publishers (September 7, 2007). Language: English
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The Complex Relationship Of American Jews To The Land Of Israel

by Aliza Karp

Shleimos Ha'aretz Booklet For Rallies
(see article on book)
Booklet developed during the Gush Katif era by Aliza Karp in conjunction with TruePeace.Org.
This unique booklet addresses foremost questions that American Jews struggle with. Extremely useful for the Orthodox activist who doesn't have the time to delve into Shleimus HaAretz questions. This booklet gives sharp, clear responses. A product of answers prepared for a Chabad Shliach in response to a letter he received from a Federation executive who challenged the Shliach's approach to the Land for Peace Process. Many Jewish organizations are convinced they have to show unconditional support for the Israeli government. This booklet brings out the problems of such an approach today and how this actually hurts Israel and impacts on peace. One of the main points the booklet addresses is how many Americans make a religion out of not criticizing the Israeli government. The Lubavitcher Rebbe comments: "Jews in the Diaspora should negate from now and into the future, the claim which is heard in certain circles, that a Jews living outside of Eretz Yisroel should not give his opinion regarding matters in the Holy Land, may it be rebuilt and re-established."

Softcover Booklet. Language: English
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