Past Events

Chabad Efforts To Save The Town Of Sa-Nur
Up Until August 23, 2005

The small north-central Shomron community of Sa-Nur and the Chabad efforts to keep a Jewish Photo: Ilan Marcianopresence in the town. At one point there was a Chabad yeshiva of about 10 students learning there (see video of their forced removal). The town of Sa-nur was founded Photo: Efrat Weiss in 1983 with 54 people. By 2004, Sa Nur had 112 families. The town was destroyed by the Israeli army August 23rd 2005.

Chabad Efforts To Save The Town Of Sa-Nur

Chabad Calls Likud To Vote Down Disengagement 2005
Rutgers Chabad Protest Rally Sept 10, 2003


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