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Persian Gulf War 1991
Chabad Efforts During The Persian Gulf War
January 17 – February 28, 1991

The Lubavitcher Rebbe & Chabad Programs During The 1991 Persian Gulf War

Life Magazine (see above) catches just one of the miracles of this war. 39 Scud missiles actually hit Israel. No one was killed! As military experts on BBC reported on the second day of the attack: "High winds are blowing the scud missiles off course". The fortunate man above was sitting in the bathroom when a scud missile struck his building. The whole building collapsed around him leaving him alive, but stuck in a "compromising position". This is most probably one of the most famous of pictures taken during the war and sums up the great miracles that G-d does for the Jewish people as predicted by the Lubavitcher Rebbe (see video below)
Israeli Buried Alive After Iraqi Scud Missile Hit His Home

SAVYON, ISRAEL - FEBRUARY 12: (FILE PHOTO) Israeli Michael Duwer is buried alive in the ruins of his home shortly after it was hit by an Iraqi Scud missile February 12, 1991, in the town of Savyon, Israel.
To properly appreciate the miracle one must see what Michaels house looked like when they photographed it the next morning. (The missile hit at night)
The Lubavitcher Rebbe Speaks About The Gulf War
What are Scud Missiles?
Interestingly enough, they are copies and variants of the infamous NAZI German V-2. It's beginnings were wrapped in Jewish blood. It is estimated that more Jewish slave laborers died building the V-2 rockets than were actually killed by it as a weapon. Over 27,000 Jewish slaves from the infamous Dora concentration camp were used for the program. When America invaded Germany in 1945, they quickly found the V-2 factories and made off with the entire Nazi rocket program including the Nazi scientists Wernher von Braun Von Braun, bringing rocket technology to the United States. At that time, America had no rocket program. The entire technology was taken from the Germans who had invented a number of secret weapons such as the stealth bomber. This ushered in the United States space program.

The first use of the term "Scud" was in the NATO name SS-1b Scud-A, applied to the R-11 ballistic missile. The earlier R-1 missile had carried the NATO name SS-1 Scunner, but was of a very different design, almost directly a copy of the German V-2. The SS-1e Scud-D variant developed in the 1980s can deliver a terminally guided warhead capable of greater precision. All models are 11.35 meters long (except Scud-A, which is one meter shorter) and 0.88 meters in diameter.

A Scud launcher in Iraq in the gun sights of American aircraft seconds before it is hit

Patriot missiles being fired on a Scud approaching Tel Aviv

(LIFE Magazine)TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - Patriot missiles leave fiery trails in the sky as they are launched against an incoming Iraqi Scud missile in this February 12, 1991 file photo over Tel Aviv

While the war with Iraq started for the Americans in August of 1990, the Scud war on Israel did not begin until late Thursday night January 17, 1991. Scuds always hit Israel at night as part of a psychological scare campaign. While they were supposed to be loaded with biological or chemical weapons, none actually contained any. Rumors were at the time that since the distance was so great from Iraq to Israel so the extra space inside the missile was needed for fuel. Others speculate that if Saddam had indeed crossed the line and used chemical or biological warfare as it is known that he had such weapons, so then the Western powers would not have held back and unleashed even worse weapons upon him. It is known that Saddam killed many of his own countrymen with biological warfare. It was not any great secret that he had such weapons.

This is a picture of the American Patriot missile defense system which was based just outside Tel Aviv taken from the north. (Kfar Chabad is off to the left) The missiles were actually quite accurate scoring direct hits. The only problem was that they usually tore the Scud in small pieces plus the various Patriots that now fell on civilian areas. In the end, no-one was hurt. The reason put forth after the war for why the Patriots were not fired as well as they could have been was that Israeli soldiers were manning them who were only half trained in their use. In the end we must say that it was certainly one more miracle from above!
American military examine a downed scud
File:Scud downed by Patriot missiles.JPEG


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