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Chabad of Brooklyn Heights battles picketers of a store selling Israeli Products
Rabbi Aron Raskin rallies Brooklyn Heights to protest against Arab terror supporters harrassing customers of Rickies Cosmetics for buy from a store that sells Israeli products
September 29, 2010

rabbi aron raskin

Rabbi Aaron Raskin To The Rescue!

Chabad of Brooklyn Heights Congregation B'nai Abraham battled supporters of Arab terror picketing a store in Brooklyn Heights selling Israeli Products - (Read Full Story)Sept 29, 2010 Vol 33 #40 - Story By Andy CampbellControversy sells — and in Brooklyn Heights, it's also good for the skin. Local Jewish leaders and anti-Israel protesters faced off on Montague Street —Rav Aron To The Rescue again — on Tuesday, holding a raucous debate over whether West Bank-made lotions sold at Ricky's cosmetics shop support Israel's illegal occupation of the embattled region. Not that there was any actual debate, of course, just shouting across the sidewalk, as those who called for a boycott of Israeli-manufactured Ahava cosmetics and purchasers of said projects faced off for the second time in as many months (Click to see story from July). In the end, the boycott supporters ended up actually promoting the Ahava products, as furious Heights residents flocked to Ricky's with their wallets open.

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