September 7, 1993 Chabad Demonstration In Jerusalem

Organized By Tzach In Israel - Rabbi Yosef Aronov Director

Rabbi Yosef Aronov, director of Lubavitch in Israel, says: "Demonstrators want to get across the message that Israel is in danger if the Israeli government gives land to the Arabs"

(Associated Press Sept 8, 1993)
Chabad-Lubavitch Rallies In Jerusalem
Savannah Morning News
September 7, 1993
By Karin Laub - Associated Press

Tens of thousands of people protesting the Palestinian Autonomy plan laid siege to Prime Minister Yitzchok Rabin's office Tuesday, vowing to clog the surrounding streets for 24 hours.
Tbe rally was the first of a series spearheaded by the opposition Likud bloc, allied with the settler movement and some religious groups to try to force the goverment into new elections or at least a referendum over the autonomy plan. Police spokesman Shmuel Ben·Ruby estimated the crowd size at 50,000. Organizers claimed the crowd numbered more than 100,000 with many bused in from throughout Israel - matching the number who turned out at a Tel Aviv rally last Saturday in favor or the plan.

Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu told Tuesday's rally that the autonomy plan negotiated with the PLO in secret "will not bring peace." "II will bring more terror, more terror, more terror! It is laying the groundwork for the next war," Netanyahu said.

Protesters cheered when they were told Israeli radio had reported Rabin would not turn up (or work Wednesday because of the demonstration.

Rabbi Yosef Aronov, director of the Hasidic Lubavitch movement Chabad in Israel, said demonstrators wanted to get across the message that Israel was in danger if the government gives land to the Arabs.

Said Aronov: "We will do everything in our power, everything. to get this message across," Aronov said. Although the proposed agreement calls for keeping Jewish settlements intact in the occupied lands, hardliners fear that Palestinian self·rule will eventually bring a Palestinian state bent on Israel's destruction.

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"According to Jewish law, it is forbidden to give away this land," said Rabbi Yosef Aronov, Israeli leader of the Chabad movement, which follows a spiritual leader in Brooklyn, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.
Says Aronov: "This is our land" "This is our land and our homeland,"

(The Baltimore Sun Sept 8, 1993)
The Baltimore Sun
September 8, 1993
By Doug Struck - Jerusalem Bureau

JERUSALEM — TC JERUSALEM -- A crowd of tens of thousands of Israelis opposed to peace with the Palestine Liberation Organization gathered in the biblical Valley of the Cross last night to chant and dance as their leaders exhorted them against the government's proposal and the government itself. The demonstration, a modern echo of the ancient rallies held on these same hills, was called by Israel's right wing. It was one of the largest protests held in modern Israel. Perhaps only the booming speakers and giant video screen made this gathering different from those thousands of years ago. The rhetoric was heated as if by the same Middle East sun.

"If we stand firm, the government will fall," vowed Ariel Sharon, a former defense minister in the government replaced last year by one promising to bring peace to Israel. Eleven years earlier he had ordered the Israeli army into Lebanon to wipe out the PLO.

"The government is giving you lie after lie. They are giving the country away," said Binyamin Netanyahu, the opposition leader who wants to be head of the next government.

Police gave an early estimate of 50,000 at the demonstration but then refused to offer any guess as the crowd swelled. At least 100,000 were there; Mr. Netanyahu claimed 300,000.

Chabad Directs Demonstration From Brooklyn
Last night's protest was organized by the opposition Likud bloc, members of the right-wing Jewish settlements, and Chabad, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish movement. Most object to relinquishing control of any of the Arab territory seized by Israel in the 1967 war on the grounds that it is land given to Jews by God. Others fear the pact will lead to a hostile Palestinian state virtually tucked into the geographic belly of Israel. "According to Jewish law, it is forbidden to give away this land," said Rabbi Yosef Aronov, a leader of the Chabad movement, part of the Lubavitcher Hasidic sect, which follows a spiritual leader in Brooklyn, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Chabad Leader Says: "This is our land"
"This is our land and our homeland," said Rabbi Aronov, who came to Israel from Toronto 18 years ago. The protesters overflowed the knoll that overlooks the prime minister's office, and spilled down the ravine named for a monastery built on the supposed site of the tree from which Jesus' cross was made. "Rabin go home," they chanted, although the prime minister apparently already was at his home in Tel Aviv. He left behind more then 2,500 police and border guards who stood shoulder to shoulder in two lines before the protesters. They had reinforcements: Officers on very big police horses remained inside the office compound; a helicopter hovered overhead, stabbing the crowd with its searchlight; a row of water cannons were parked at the nearby Israel Museum in case they were needed.

Knesset Member Says: "It's Not responsible"

"I'm skeptical that anything influences Rabin," retorted Knesset member Rafael Eitan, a former hard-nosed military commander and now leader of a right-wing political party, Tsomet. "He's not responsible for his action. He's under the control of [Foreign Minister Shimon] Peres and the left wing." The rally was a demonstration, if nothing else, of the passion with which many Israelis hold their politics.

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