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Rabbinical Council for Peace:
Giving Land Is The Main Issue

Increase G-d's Protection Of The Land of Israel Wherever You Are
From: Pikuach Nefesh - pikuachnefesh.net
March 9, 2015

Israeli elections are coming up soon-
Rabbinical Council for Peace (in Hebrew called: Pikuach Nefesh) has created a website to educate Israeli voters to lobby for Jewish priorities this election.

Composed of over 350 rabbis, the Rabbinical Council for Peace, formed before the destruction of Gush Katif, has continually lobbied for a more peaceful solution to peace than giving land.

RCP wants to educate the Israeli voter to vote for a safer more secure land of Israel.

Speaking with a representative of RCP we were told: "People know the answer, but people are afraid to stand up for what their heart tells them is right- The very issue that Jewish Law finds wrong with giving land for peace. Giving land, any land in Israel puts Jews in danger- Not just in Israel, but around the world. Antisemitism is climbing at alarming rates- completely in response to Israel's weakness. We want people to vote with their heart and to know that on this matter, Jewish Law not just agrees with them, but demands that no Jew be silent on this issue."

Israel isn't a big country. Formed in 1948 out of a former British colony the British conquered the area from the Turkish rulers who had held the land since 1516, under the first Ottoman sultan, Selim I. Selim I took over rulership from the Mamelukes and consolidated the Ottoman Empire with the Land of Israel in it.

When the British left in 1948 and the dust had settled from the invading Arab armies, the borders left to the new leadership were a 12 mile wide strip up the coast of the Mediterranean that stretched for around 60 miles. From this was a thin 5 mile to 7 mile corridor connecting to the Jewish capital of Jerusalem.

Israel's Present Borders.
Contrast with pre-1967 Map below Israels Present Pre-1967 Borders As they appear on every map in the world

This 12 mile long corridor which was (is) about 60 miles long connected to a 30 mile wide area of the Galil (Galilee) in the north and a 60 to 90 wide area in the south. Jerusalem was accessed by the thin 5 mile corridor from the sea corridor. Leaving an area about 240 miles long connected by a thin strip and two wider areas of Jewish population in the North and South until the desert area of the Negev.

The corridors made it a frighteningly perilous area to protect militarily and was subject constantly to sniper and mortar fire, culminating finally in increasingly brazen acts of belligerence which Israel continually ignored until the Arab invasion in 1967 which rebalanced the situation ridding Israel of constant harassment from mortars and sniper fire against civilians.

This is the same same state Israel is seeking to return to today. The same borders- An apologetic Israel, apologizing for being murdered in the Holocaust is once again apologetically giving away any vestige of respect and protection afforded to it by Israel's terrain. All the corridor areas are downhill from hills and mountains. The route left to Jerusalem if the plan goes through are low areas surrounded by mountains. The plan is inviting trouble. Worse, according to Jewish Law, the plan puts Jews in danger, something one is forbidden to do according to Halacha (Jewish law).

The only way to change that says Pikuach Nefesh Director Yoseph Gerlitzky is to show the Israeli government you mean business by casting a vote for candidates who will do away with OSLO and more land giving agreements.

Besides a billboard campaign of over 500 billboards on major roadways around Israel advertising the message: "Giving Land Means Death", RCP (Rabbinical Congress for Peace) came out with an educational website that reminds voters what has come of giving land, and how OSLO, Camp David and other Land Giving agreements are the exact opposite of peace. To See Election Website Click Here

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