"There may fall a thousand to your left and ten thousand on your right- You they won't touch..."London Mail Reports miracles of the Jews! Mystery missile gets through Iron Dome and at the last minute blown into the ocean

Miracles By Missiles!

Israel Pushed From Above
By Rabbi Dovid Glazer - Kiryat Malachi
Nov 5, 2014

The Baal Shem Tov said that from everything we see and hear we can learn a teaching in serving G-d. So here I am on Yud Gimel Tamuz 5774 sitting in Kiryat Malachi, Israel in the middle of the latest war called "Tzuk Eitan", which has the same Hebrew letters as the word "Tanya".

We must learn from our dear enemies. Where do they have so many missiles from? They're barraging us continually for more than ten days! They've sent more than 1000 missiles on Israeli towns and cities. (Update after two months of attacks: 4000 missiles!) With very clear Heavenly help, there's been really minimal damage. Some want to say that the rockets which (were missed by the Iron Dome) fell where they did because the Army experts knew they'd fall in an open area and didn’t want to waste expensive anti-missiles on them, each of which each cost around $50,000 or more.

The truth is that many missiles did fall on what had been only a short time before a populated area. Somehow just before the missiles fell, there "just happened" to be an evacuation of the people there and they fell on unpeopled areas. One Arab missile fell next to the tanks of a gas station and didn't explode. In Ashkelon, probably the heaviest city hit- there was a span of 6 hours when the Iron Dome malfunctioned. Iron Dome in Hebrew is: "kipat barzel" literally "The Iron Yarmulke". Called: "The Dome of Protection", the Iron Dome anti-missile system is a G-d-sent apparatus. For the six hours that the Iron Dome was down, for some reason no enemy missiles were fired!
Immediately after it was fixed however, a missile was sent which was successfully destroyed in the air.

One can say its luck-
Or we are forced to conclude that something else is at work protecting Jews and the Land of Israel. We can open our eyes and see that G-d's once again working his wonders and miracles protecting Jews as he always has- And use the open miracles as an opportunity to strengthen our belief.

We can get ready for the Redemption and wake up those who are still sleeping and don’t see the daily miracles. Two weeks ago one of the Arab rockets "accidentally" went off course and landed on an Arab settlement in the Sinai Desert, killing seven and injuring twenty-two more. There, G-d didn't interfere, and let "nature" run her course.

There are those that want to attribute our highly successful protection solely to the Israeli Defense Forces. Well, we certainly don't take away any credit due! As the Lubavitcher Rebbe always says of Israel’s soldiers- That they are the best thing the country of Israel has. The military leaders know what to do and they can do it, if left to their own. The trouble is- the politicians tie their hands. Our prayer is for G-d to please open the political eyes and let our soldiers do what they have to do in a safe, easy manner- and with this G-d Himself will fight the war for us. Rendition of shaking hand by non-Jewish artist

Since the previous war a year and a half ago, our peaceful neighbors didn't waste any time, taking advantage of every minute to increase their arsenal and dig countless tunnels penetrating deep into our Land. One thing we can learn from them: Every minute is so very important! Use it properly for the right purpose and with maximum swiftness.

One of the countless miracles stories going around Israel was heard from a Jew who works with the Iron Dome (anti-missile system) called: kipat barzel in Hebrew. This Iron Dome is located in "The Kiryah"- of Tel Aviv (Israel's equivalent of The Pentagon). (See story in the London Mail or (Click Here ))

The story goes that that a few days ago his Iron Dome radar detected a missile speeding towards them, aimed either at the Israeli equivalent of the Twin Towers, The Kiryah itself- or the train station. All located within a small proximity. There are tens of thousands of Jews who live and work.

Immediately he fired off an anti-missile, which missed its target. Two more missiles were sent - they too, missed. He said later that this is a very rare thing. With no time left and no chance of firing off more missiles, he was in shock - only 4 seconds left until the missile would hit! An immediate emergency alert was sounded to alert civilians to take cover.

Then, against the realm of natural possibilities and against all the precise calculations which an Iron Dome unit automatically calculates- including possible wind conditions- There suddenly appeared out of nowhere an extremely powerful eastern wind which grabbed the missile and threw it into the sea! (As we pray three times a day after the Shemoneh Esreh: "As for all those who plot evil against me, hasten to annul their counsel and frustrate their designs. Let them be as chaff before the wind; let the angel of the L -rd thrust them away!" And we can add on: Baruch atah ... shomayah tefillah!) This soldier screamed out: "I saw G-d's hand and nothing less! There was no possibility of such a wind!" He immediately ran to one of the religious soldiers and asked him to put tefillin on him. Then he announced firmly and loudly: "I'm doing tshuvah!" and began to inquire where he could start learning Torah. (A similar thing happened on the first night of the Gulf War in 1991. On BBC that night, the British military experts interviewed told of a great miracle: “Seasonal high winds seem to have blown the Iraqi Scud Missiles into the desert”.)

As Dovid HaMelech (King David) writes in Tehillim (Psalms) chapter 91, (which 91 spelled in Hebrew are: Tzadi Alef.) Tzadi Alef are the initials of the name of this war in Hebrew - "Tzuk HaEitan". "A thousand will fall at your side and ten thousand from your right, but it shall not come near you”.

After the Arabs bombed the electric power plant in Ashkelon, which not only supplies power to a section of Israel, but also to themselves in the Gaza Strip (and Israel doesn’t receive a cent for this), these chutzpanim (full of audacious nerve) demanded that we repair it immediately!!!

We can learn from this as it says in the Talmud: "Chutzpah directed toward Heaven helps!" We too have to scream, like the Rebbe said: "Vifel iz a shiur!?" - How much is enough? Or as Avraham Fried sings - "It's time to say good-bye! Bring down the curtains, this is the end! Good-bye golus!"

One of the Rebbe's instructions for precipitating the Geula is to publicize miracles. The Talmud says in the future, our work will be done by others. Here we see that are we already on its threshold. A few days after the war broke out, the television network CNN in America interviewed an Arab terrorist, who told him there are many rockets that fall in empty lots. The interviewer asked: "Don't you know how to aim?" He said they know very well- but what can they do when "the G-d of the Jews interferes and moves the missiles aside each time?!" As the Rebbe quoted in the Gulf War with respect to Eretz Yisroel being the safest place: "The eyes of the L-rd your G-d are upon it from the beginning of the year until the end of the year."

I heard at a farbrengen by Rav Gafni in Yeshiva Ohr Temimim that there are two kinds of Jews. One, is busy writing his interpretations of the Torah for a new book that he's about to finish. Suddenly he hears the sound of the Great Shofar announcing the coming of the Moshiach. He quickly gathers all his manuscripts and runs to receive Moshiach's face. He says to him he's so happy to see him, but couldn't he wait a little longer until he's finished his book? The second Jew, a Chassid, was in the middle of a farbrengen when the Shofar sounded. He quickly grabbed the bottle of mashke with its little remains and ran to meet the Moshiach. After a warm Shalom Aleichem he said to the Moshiach that he's so happy to see him! It's just too bad that he didn't come a bit earlier for then could have brought him a full bottle of mashke…

I raise my hands for all the pleasure that could come out of these writings- My wish is that they will please G-d, be old-history that nobody is interested in any more, except as a memory of all the good G-d does for us continually and that the Rebbe will be revealed- The sooner the better
Everything is ready and we'll dance to the Geula with the Rebbe Shlita!

By Rabbi Dovid Glazer Oct 14, 2014 for the occasion of his sons wedding in Crown Heights, NY
Soon to be part of his new book!

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