Chabad Protest Of Arami Murder In Bat Yam

Tuesday 7:30pm Arami Family Home - 101 Yosef Tal Street Bat Yam
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Man Calls Brother To Tell Him He Is Being Murdered

Protest Tuesday Night at 7:30pm at 101 Yosef Tal Street Bat Yam
Protest against police inaction in Netanel Arami murder case.

The Arami family will make ashkava at 7:30pm. Afterwards, the family will march to the Police station.

Netanel Arami was a Jewish construction worker who was killed after the ropes holding his work station were cut by Arab co-workers. Netanel Arami, the father of 2 children is a resident of Bait Dagan in Israel. He fell to his death last week from a building site in what is suspected as an act of murder.

In an unprecidented move, police have placed a "gag-order" on the case. The family claims they are not investigating and in fact are interrogating the family! Reportedly when police arrived on the roof of the Petah Tikva building Arami was working on and fell from while rapelling, they found his ropes had been cut. Both the main ropes and the safety backup ropes. Police arrested noone, despite the obvious fact that noone else was up on the roof.

In response to police inaction, Chabad of Bait Dagan in conjunction with the Arami family and other groups and locals and friends outraged at the police inaction will be meeting at 7:30pm Tuesday evening at the Arami parents home for ashkava and a protest.

Arami's parents, Rabbi Uziel and Miryam Arami, are upset about the police departments lack of interest in investigating the apparent murder. They noted that police didn't even come to them after Netanel's death, and didn't bother to receive information from the family that might aid in investigating a possible motives. The family feels it was because Netanel was a Jew.

Netanel's mother Miryam told Ben-Dahan "even when (the police) arrived, they asked 'in brief' about the story and basically weren't interested. My second-oldest son spoke to Netanel a few minutes before (he died), and with him too they didn't check anything, or with another friend who apparently talked to him seconds before and DURING the fall."Supporting the evidence of murder, Netanel's wife Moriya revealed Sunday "my husband was a religious man, but he always lived in fear of the Palestinian workers his company employed at construction sites." Mr. Arami was an expert in rapelling.

Arami leaves behind his pregnant and grieving 24-year-old wife Moriah and two children, Eitan and Aviya. Moriya on Sunday revealed her husband's death has put the young family on the brink of financial collapse, saying: "they cut our livelihood and our lives in a moment, and now I don't know what will happen with the debts."

Donations can be made to the family which is sitting shiva (the traditional intensive mourning period) at 13 Trumpeldor Street in the coastal town of Beit Dagan, or to bank account number 340639 under the name Moriya Arami (Zafdanski), Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal branch 382.

For more information how you can help the family call Rabbi Shmuel Grumach of Chabad of Bait Dagan 03 9606135

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