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MK Avidgdor Lieberman Trying To Restart Failed Peace Talks By Offering Complete Capitulation

Under Lieberman's emerging proposal, Israel would turn over between 45 and 50 percent of the West Bank for a provisional state

Jan 23, 2011 - By Karin Laub and Dan Perry, ASSOCIATED PRESS- JERUSALEM — The idea of Israel recognizing Palestinian independence in some occupied areas now and promising to negotiate over the rest later is getting new attention in Israel as a way of blunting international pressure and dealing with the impasse in peace talks. Under Lieberman's emerging proposal, Israel would turn over between 45 and 50 percent of the West Bank to the provisional state, an Israeli government official said Sunday, speaking on condition of anonymity because the plan has not been fully formed. The plan's proponents say the Palestinians would be hard-put to reject a smaller-than-wanted state if they are asked for little in return, and that even minor progress is better than the current deadlock. The Obama administration briefly managed to get Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to talk face-to-face in September, but talks quickly foundered over continued Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, the territories Israel occupied in 1967 which - along with Gaza - Palestinians want for their state. The U.S. seems to have given up on initial efforts to get Israel to halt settlement activity and it's not clear what the Obama administration plans to do next. The Quartet of Mideast mediators - the U.S., the European Union, the United Nations and Russia - meets in early February, but no new ideas have emerged.

The provisional state idea is not entirely new. It was included in the Quartet's "road map" peace plan of 2003, which envisioned three stages leading up to a final Israeli-Palestinian deal; the state in temporary borders was to come in the second phase. The road map never got off the ground and Abbas didn't like provisional statehood from the start. It's not clear what Netanyahu thinks of Lieberman's proposal, and Netanyahu's aides declined to comment. Einat Wilf, a lawmaker from the Independence faction, a recent breakaway from the center-left Labor Party, said the idea of an interim deal has its merits, though she said the government remains focused on a full agreement. A provisional state "could be an intermediate way that gives the Palestinians the sovereignty they desire, gives to them in a fairly short period of time, and allows both Israel and the Palestinians to negotiate the questions of borders for example, as two sovereign states," she said. The Reut Institute, an Israeli think tank, argues that the U.S. administration's "package deal" approach to peacemaking has not worked. If talks get stuck on one issue, there's no agreement. Calev Ben-Dor, a senior analyst at the institute, said a provisional state could work if it is contiguous - not a collection of isolated cantons separated by Israeli-controlled area. The international community would also have to guarantee that negotiations over the remaining issues would be held in the future with a clear vision for a final deal. This could address Palestinian fears about ending up with a mini-state. A Washington think tank with close ties to Israel, meanwhile, unveiled three options for an Israeli-Palestinian border deal to show that partition is still doable. The scenarios are based on Israel annexing between 3.7 percent and 4.7 percent of the West Bank in order to bring anywhere from 68 percent to 80 percent of Israeli settlers there under Israel rule. Palestinians would be compensated with an equal amount of Israeli land. "Most settlers live near Israel's pre-1967 boundary, and the vast majority of them reside in areas that constitute a small percentage of the West Bank," wrote the study's author, David Makovksy, an analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. "Accordingly, a border agreement may be more plausible than it is generally believed to be." (Click here to see full article)

US Think Tank seeks to propose new Land Swaps Amounting To Total Capitulation As 60,000 Israelis Would Lose Homes With Israel Conceding Hevron; Israel Seriously Considering The Idea

Stating: 'The Impossible is Achievable' in Negotiations A plan is being proposed whereby 60,000 Israelis living in Judea and Samaria would lose their homes. Analysts suggested that the proposal could open the door to U.S. proposals for the borders of a PA state, even without negotiations.

This idea was proposed by a United States think tank which continues to push ideas for an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, despite a supposed "freeze" on negotiations. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy has released a set of maps suggesting possible territorial compromise in Judea and Samaria, stating, “The impossible is indeed achievable.” A series of interactive maps created by David Makovsky, Sheli Chabon and Jennifer Logan shows suggested land swaps, and the names and populations of Jewish and Arab communities. The territorial compromise approaches total capitulation by Israel. One proposal would see Israel keep just five percent of the land in Judea and Samaria, a suggested compromise between what the Olmert administration is believed to have offered PA Chairman Abbas in 2008, without Israeli voter or knesset approvial, and Abbas' demand for control over at least 98% of the region. Makovsky explained that he aimed to keep PA territory contiguous, and to provide the PA with territory equal in size to all the land east of the 1949 armistice line, while including as many Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria as possible in Israel. The proposed land swap would see Israel give up Hevron, the biblical city that is home to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, Judaism's second most holy site. In addition, approximately 60,000 Israelis living in Judea and Samaria would lose their homes. Israel has yet to resettle many of the 9,000 Israelis forcibly removed from their homes in the 2005 Disengagement, let alone find them employment. The proposal relates only to the subject of territory in Judea and Samaria, and does not address other major sticking points in negotiations, such as the PA's demand that Israel allow millions of descendants of Arabs who fled during the War of Independence to “return” to Israel. Makovsky said his goal is to stimulate thinking, not to provide a complete solution. Analysts suggested that the proposal could aid U.S. President Barack Obama by opening the door to U.S. proposals for the borders of a PA state, even without negotiations. Israel and the PA resumed negotiations in 2010 after months, but the PA left the table shortly afterward, after Israel refused its demand to forbid Jewish home-building east of the 1949 armistice line. Former MK Benny Elon has suggested another plan for ending the conflict, called the Israel Initiative. According to the plan, Jordanian citizenship would be granted to Palestinian Authority Arabs who would remain in their villages in Judea and Samaria. Jewish Israeli citizens would also remain in their communities in the area, which would be under Israeli sovereignty. The so-called PA Arab "refugee camps" would be dismantled as well. Israel and Jordan would work together to administer local affairs. The majority of Jordan's population consists of Palestinian Arabs, although the rulership is Bedouin. (IsraelNationalNews.com) (Click here to see full article)

Peled: Barak not to blame for freeze- Press the PM!

By: Attila Somfalvi 01.11.11 (Ynet News) - Likud minister Peled meets Efrat residents telling them to hold Netanyahu accountable for construction freezes in the area.

(Click here to see full article)Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under attack, this time by his own party member: Likud Minister Mr. Yossi Peled. Mr. Peled met with residents of Efrat, a wealthy mostly American neighborhood in Jerusalem that is slated to be given away as it lies on the other side of the "Green Line". Speaking to the local council plus the residents in the Judean Mountains of the West Bank, Mr. Peled said that Defense Minister Ehud Barak was not responsible for the construction freeze. In a surprise move, he called on the settlers to pressure Mr. Netanyahu. Peled arrived at Gush Etzion to give a lecture, but was surprised to see less than 10 participants. "How could it be that there are so few people?" he wondered. Deputy Mayor Joshua Adler offered an explanation. "About 50% of the residents here voted for the Likud party. The problem is that nothing is being built here. Likud betrayed the residents! They didn't even allow us to start building. A freeze has been going on here for nine years now."

Peled, who is known for his right-wing opinions regarding the freeze in the settlements and the negotiations with the Palestinians, even shocked the participants with his advice. According to him, "your mistake is that you keep on attacking Ehud Barak." (Click here to see full article)

Channel 1 News Israeli TV - Jan 8, 2011 -

Acclaimed British Journalist Melanie Phillips Delivers Scathing Indictment Of Israel's Persuing The Peace Process

"Israel has made itself defenseless!" British Journalist Phillips declared Monday on Israeli TV.

"Hasbara is a Joke!" As she described Israel's self destructive strategy of continuing the failed peace process. "True and Lies have been turned on their head." "It was Britain itself that declared that on account of their unique claim to the Land Jews should be allowed to live in Israel and have a state." "The Young in Israel learn that that Israel was basically: "born in sin". Most of the animosity of British Aristocracy is fed by papers like "HaAretz. It is all coming out from Israeli academics." When the commentator protested that we have “Freedom of speech” in Israel, Ms. Phillips remarked: “Freedom of Speech Fine! The problem is that the Government of Israel does not understand that this is the only story being told. But somebody should be putting the truth into the papers! Freedom of speech should be used to let us know what lies are being told." When the commentator told her that everyone advocates “Peace”, “Why even Mr. Netanyahu advocates for the Peace Process!" Melanie had this to say: "Peace would solve the problem in the "Abstract"." A terrible war has been conducted over the two state solution. Who could possibly object to this idylic solution?" On persuing a two state solution she remarked: "This to ignore the reality that this has been on offer since the 1930's. It cannot be the solution! Every time it has been offered there is more war! It was such a good idea, such a good scenario. The reality that the other side does not want it! In everything they do, in every word they say, they show it." Melanie told Channel 1 news that anyone in Britain who stands up for the truth of what is going on in Israel is vilified. “This is the label hung around the neck of those like myself. It is not something that people will willingly embrace.”(Click Here To See Video of Melanie Phillips)

Knesset to Investigate "Peace Now", "B’tselem", "MachsomWatch", "Adallah" and other Anti-Israel Israeli based Groups

(Click here for Full story!) Arutz Sheva 1 Shvat 5771 (06.01.2011) - The Knesset voted by a 41-17 margin to establish a parliamentary investigative committee to look into the activities and funding of radical left Israeli organizations. The Knesset House Committee is to decide, in the coming days, the precise composition and authorities of the inquiry board. MK Danny Danon of the Likud will chair the committee. Many of the organizations to be investigated – B’tselem, MachsomWatch, Adallah, and others – have long been known to be receiving monies from non-Jewish organizations such as the European Union and/or Arab countries. MK Fania Kirschenbaum (Israel Our Home Party), who initiated the inquiry, said the groups’ efforts to hamper Israel’s right to defend itself is a very serious situation, and that the Knesset must get to the bottom of the issue. Knesset Members from the radical-left wing Meretz party were angered by the vote. MK Nitzan Horowitz has asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to ascertain if the idea is legal, stating that: "The “extreme right” is trying to “silence legitimate criticism.” Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin - a member of the Likud party seeking the Presidency - came out against the inquiry committee. “The body responsible for investigating the organizations that collect information on IDF soldiers [for use by Israel’s enemies] is the police and law enforcement agencies,” Rivlin said, “not the Knesset… This will be nothing more than a show trial, since it is known in advance what the majority wants.” The majority in favor of the inquiry was bolstered by three Knesset Members from Kadima, the largest opposition party: Otniel Shneller, Robert Tibayev, and Yulia Shamalov-Berkovitch. “We must build a democratic and Zionist fence,” Shneller said, “against the use of so-called "human-rights claims" falsely claiming to be: "Israeli patriotism". These organizations apparently know why they are hiding the sources of their funding. I don’t know any Western democratic country in the world that would agree to have a foreign country invest hundreds of millions in its territory in order to treasonously undermine its values and create a new country.” MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union), in a closed meeting with supporters, said the groups to be investigated “want no less than to liquidate the Jewish State… They are Traitors; nothing less… An IDF general flies to England and can’t get off the plane, because the information provided by these organizations is instigating the British government to issue a warrant for his arrest! We see how Peace-Now has beautiful buildings and cars for low-level clerks; who pays for all this? It is the enemies of Israel paying for this!... We have Hizbullah, and Hamas, and organizations such as Yesh Gvul and the like; we have to find out about their funding and hit them where it hurts – in their pockets. We must pursue them in all legal ways, and get the Attorney General and Prosecution to investigate them.” (Click here for Full story!)

Rav Haim Druckman: "It's a rabbi's duty to voice opinions". Religious Zionist leader slams police investigation into rabbis' letter, says: 'halachic rulings are not racism'

Ynet News reported January 3, 2011: (click here for full report) "As the Torah says, it is the right and duty of any rabbi to express his opinion," wrote Druckman. "After the rabbis' ruling there were people calling to arrest the rabbis, fire them or hurt them in any way possible," he said. "Such a lawsuit was filed with the court by the Reform and the Conservative movements and by Hashomer Hatzair (a Communist anti-religious movement), in an attempt to forbid the rabbis from ruling on public matters. Halacha (Jewish Legal) rulings are not: "racism". The battle over the Jewish identity of the State of Israel plays a major part in an Israeli rabbis' role." He added. Rav Druckman, who himself refused to sign the petition against renting and selling apartments to non-Jews, nevertheless intends to recruit more rabbis to his cause of defending the Rabbonims right to make such a ruling. Afterwards he plans on sending the statement to authority officials, including Justice Minister Yaakov Ne'eman and Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein who are pushing for prosecution. Meanwhile, Rabbi Drukman has also demanded that the illegal summons be called off. He is not alone. Many other important rabbis, Knesset members and religious Zionists are behind him. Rav Shumel Eliyahu was ordered to report to the police station in Jerusalem on Sunday. Refusing, he told Ynet News:"It is a rabbi's right and duty to rule for those who ask for it. We've done it before and we'll do it again in the future." A few months ago, Rav Druckman, who is known for being a moderate religious Zionist, objected to harming the rabbis' freedom of expression regarding halacha rulings, regardless if he agrees with them or not. (click here for full story) Jan 3, 2011 (Ynet news) Article by: Kobi Nahshoni

Katzav Says: 'This is Happening to Me Because of Gush Katif!'

by Gil Ronen (Israel National News) Jan 2, 2011

Former president Moshe Katzav, who has been found guilty of rape charges, has expressed a belief that the charges against him are divine punishment for his role in the 2005 expulsion from Gaza (Disengagement). So writes Moshe Feiglin, head of the Jewish Leadership faction in the Likud. In a column penned for Maariv, Feiglin wrote Sunday that a central activist in the struggle against the Disengagement met Katzav after the scandal around him erupted. "Surprisingly and of his own initiative, Katzav turned to him and told him: 'I am not guilty of what they are accusing me of, but I know that this is happening to me because of the way I treated you [in the original Hebrew, the plural 'you' was used - ed.].'" "This understanding shows that the man had more than just a thought of repentance and it certainly is to his credit and praise," Feiglin added. There are numerous adherents, not all of them religious, to the belief in the "Disengagement curse" - a heavenly retribution for the Disengagement, which has afflicted many of the key players in that act of violent expulsion and retreat. (Read The Full Article)

Police Summon Chief Rabbi of Safed Shmuel Eliyahu Sunday

By: Kobi Nahshoni (Ynet News) Dec 31, 2010 - He was given an order to report to police for questioning in response to a petition over 250 prominant rabbis signed including the Chief Rabbi of Sefad. The legal ruling which was signed by over 250 Rabbonim urges the Israeli public to refrain from renting and selling homes and property to Arabs. However Eliyahu told Ynet Friday he would not answer the summons. "I asked them if David Grossman, Yossi Sarid, and Shulamit Aloni, who protested against the settlement of Jews in Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood, had also been interrogated, but they told me no," Rav Eliyahu explained. "I told them that If I am being accused of racism while these people are not – this is clearly discrimination!" The son of the late beloved former chief Sefardic Rabbi of Israel HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu z"tz"l, added that it was his right to publish his halachic rulings. "We have no intention of playing into the hands of the justice system, which itself behaves in an inequitable manner. Chevrei Knesset Mr. Yaakov Katz and Mr. Uri Ariel (National Union) both condemned the police action calling it the "summoning to police interrogation the great leaders of Israel" and the "persecution of our Torah and its rabbis". "Freedom of speech has been stolen from the Princes of Torah by Israeli police and the prosecution, because they believe free-speech is permitted only by radical and post-Zionist academicians, who call on Arabs to refrain from renting to Jews in their neighborhoods" (and worse) they both said today in a statement. The Rav brings halachic support from the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rav Moshe Feinstein.(Click Here To Read The Full Report)

Police Release Chabadnik Tzvi Ventura: "I Told Them Sodom Also Had Laws"

20 Cheshvan 5771 (28.10.2010) Chabad.info

Rabbi Tzvi Ventura, and Rabbi Noam Herpaz, Chabad Rabbis in Israel, were arrested yesterday for their alleged involvement in an Orthodox pirate radio station.

Chabad Info interviewed Rabbi Ventura who accuses Israel of having a double standard. While ignoring hundreds of similar radio stations operated by Arabs in Israel's north, they instead harrass the Orthodox Radio stations. He also recounted the story of his arrest. Full report

Mashpia Suspected of Pirate Broadcasting

Rabbi Harpaz (see full story) on Shturem.org 18 Cheshvan 5771 Rabbi Noam Harpaz, a Mashpia from Beitar Ilit, and Rabbi Tzvi Ventura, of Ramat Gan, were arrested today after being suspected of broadcasting on a pirate radio station.  Mrs. Ruti Horowitz was arrested as well.  The radio station "Mevaser Tov" broadcasts via sattelite, internet and radio waves, run by Lubavitcher Chassidim for the past few years. From information on the net it was learned that the above individuals were not broadcasting in person, and the shiurim aired were recordings. 18 Cheshvan 5771

Mashpiim Arrested For Being Interviewed ByPirated Radio Station

18 Cheshvan 5771 (26.10.2010) Chabad.info Two Israeli Chabad Mashpiim were arrested today by Israeli police. Their crime: having their pre-recorded lectures aired on a pirate radio station Read The Full Story



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