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Welcome To Machon Geulah!

Machon Geulah Coordinator: Simcha Korchowsky

Come To Our Weekly Shiur!

Shleimus HaAretz In Sichos
Taught by Rabbi Benyamin Shlanger

A weekly shiur on the Lubavitcher Rebbe's teachings about the peace process. Come and learn about the Rebbes' peace plan!

Location: 522 Lefferts Ave apt 4e, Crown Heights, NY
Hours: Sunday nights at 8:30pm
Machon Geulah, a weekly dvar Malchus shiur to bring the Geulah. You are invited to Machon Geulah, A weekly chance to gather together and study the Rebbes insights into the parsha. The World renown Rabbi Schlanger teaches Dvar Malchus and other Chassidic works. Its every sunday at 8:30, and everyone is welcome to stay after and farbrang.

Hope to see you there!


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Dressing Properly Saves Lives

Lives I Can Save

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Tells How Hash-m Protects The Jewish Nation Through The Women

"You shall lay down to sleep and your sleep will be sweet,
because I am standing over and protecting you".

What brings this special protection about?
The Rebbe goes on to explain how a woman or girl dressing properly bring this about.
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Video of the Week - Was Yesha Council Working with Shabak To Expel The Citizens of Gush Katif? Watch this fascinating expose using unpublished video footage from Israeli TV

Room / Apt for rent in scenic Eli in Israel's Shomron. Click to email for reservations. Families and children welcome. Kosher kitchen available for use.