What Does The Lubavitcher Rebbe Say?

Who Began The Land Give Away Process?

        “…all of the pressure, concessions and so on, are founded in, and encouraged by certain well-known, (Jewish) influential groups within Israel itself, whose influence on international relations is, at times, absolute. Moreover, they actually invite pressure, either directly or indirectly. An undeniable proof to this — one that I have already pointed out many times and that has even been publicized in the papers — is the fact that immediately after the Six-Day War they sent an official, though inconspicuous delegation, made-up of government representatives (– ministers) to Washington with an offer to give back all of the territories that the Jews recaptured, in exchange for so-called “peace”.

(From a letter of the Rebbe, Likkutei Sichos p. 561)

The Middle East Crisis through the eyes of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneersohn

          In the wars that Israel has fought in recent years, three grave mistakes were made, all of them the results of placing political considerations above security considerations:

1) The most difficult battle of the Six Day War was the one fought over Jerusalem’s Old City. Hundreds of Israeli soldiers were killed. Why? Because for political reasons, (such as ‘what will the Vatican say?’ etc…) a resolution to conquer Jerusalem’s Old City was not made. As a result, security officials did not prepare an attack on Jerusalem, and hundreds of Jews were killed and wounded.

2) Today everyone admits that prior to the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, clear information was received concerning the impending attack from Egypt. Security officials calculated that a fully deployed Tzahal could abort the attack, thereby lessening the number of ‘sacrifices’. Moreover, when the enemy would hear about the ‘full deployment’, this alone could deter them from war. Such was the opinion of the military experts. But the politicians thought otherwise: “It does not pay to anger the United States…!” This consideration brought devastating consequences — thousands upon thousands of sacrifices, may G-d avenge their blood, as well as many wounded, many of whom have remained maimed until this very day!

3) The very same mistake was repeated in the Lebanese War (Shalom HaGalil): Military experts demonstrated how a surprise attack against Lebanon would bring unusual success and a swift conclusion to the operation. But the moment the army went ahead to war the politicians began to clamor, and  day by day they hindered the armies activities until the matter became problematic. As a result, sacrifices have been falling (r”l) for weeks and months now! Why don’t they learn from the past…?!”