Shlaymus HaAretz Lecture Series
Miriam Yerushalmi
Chabad Lecturer and Author. Ohio
Miriam Yerushalmi

Lecturer, Author and Therapist

Miriam Yerushalmi has an interesting story.

A native of Eretz Yisrael, Miriam was born in Israel and after an interesting journey has woven a fascinating tapestry of her life and how it is really the story of every Jew and our intimate love of the land.

Miriam is a prominent author of a number of books and in addition to being a renowned lecturer on marital therapy, she has an intimate knowledge of the issues at hand in Eretz Yisrael today. jerusalemskylineCritical issues facing world Jewry today that are coming out of Israel's continued participation in the controversial "Talks for Peace".

Miriam discusses how this affects Jews on all levels from the esoteric and kabbalistic and how they are intertwined in the Lubavitchers vision for true peace in the Holy Land and his worries and warnings about the dangers for Jews that come out of giving away Land for Peace.


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