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Sarah Nachshon
Chabad Shlucha in Hebron, Israel
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Sarah Nachshon

Defender of Jewish Rights in Hebron

Chabad of Hebron

Wife of the famous artist Baruch Nachshon, Sarah brings her story, which is the story of every Jew today living in our Holy Land.

Sarah tells of the early pioneering efforts to reclaim the city of our forefathers, the first capital of Israel under King David. Hebron was originally settled by Jews who bought houses and property from the Turkish rulers in the early parts of the last century. Despite the efforts of the government to give away this priceless heritage, Sarah and her family were amongst the first to bravely resettle in Hebron. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the very mixed community, both in outlook but mayravery united by one spirit, the Jewish community is flourishing despite the Israeli government trying to give it away.

Sarah relates the communities efforts to be able to live peacefully in Hebron as a Jew in a Jewish land. Sarah became a cause celebre when she together with Rebbitzin Miriam Levinger heroically shocked the world as she and a group of fellowhebron-art women were forced to live for over a year by themselves in Beit Haddasah. Jewish property that the government of Israel refuses to let Israelis reclaim.

Sarah's message is straight from the heart and will have your audience in tears. In the course of her important work, she recieved many blessings and much encouragement from the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

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