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Rosh Yeshiva In Central Lubavitch Yeshiva Brooklyn

Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp is a native of Eretz Yisrael.

For many years he has worked on Shlaymut HaAm Ve HaAretz projects.

Rabbi Rapp is very knowledgeable about the situation in Eretz Yisrael. As well, he is has an organization: "Chabad at Kennedy Airport". He has been privalaged to bring many important people before the Rebbe, most noteably former Prime Minister Moshe Katzav whom the Rebbe spoke with in front of everyone in 770 after mincha. He spoke with Mr. Katzav about PM Shamir's plans to enter into negotiations about giving away Israeli land. (See Below for complete text of discussion)

Rabbi Rapp is available to speak.
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Mr. Katzav Meets with the Lubavitcher Rebbe 1992 10th of Shvat

Rebbe Voices Concern Over Israel's Entering Into Land for Peace Negotiations
“I recently heard a bizarre and shocking rumor -- that the Israeli government is discussing and planning to give away portions of the Land of Israel. The discussions are currently focused on a five year plan called ‘autonomy’. In truth however, it doesn’t matter what government officials are calling it, because the fact is that these discussions and plans fall under the explicit Torah prohibition of Lo Sechaneim, i.e. the prohibition against giving any part of Israel to non-Jews. These discussions will in fact result in the eventual giveaway of parts of Israel, and as thus represent a denial in G-d, His Torah, the Land of Israel and the holiness of the Land.

These autonomy talks are the first step to the giving away of parts of Israel -- not only small parts, but large parts as well, such as Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Hebron, Jerusalem, etc. This is very literally a matter of life and death! As I said, the manner in which Jews like to think of these talks, and the way in which they explain them is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the Gentiles view these talks as the first step in an operation that will lead to the giving away of parts of Israel and to the establishment of a Palestinian state. You understand Arabic. Go ask the Arabs living in Israel what they make of these talks. You will see; they will tell you that their interpretation of the ‘five year autonomy talks’ is that they will be given parts of Israel for the purpose of establishing a Palestinian state. Therefore, the way in which the Jews like to interpret these talks is irrelevant. The essential factor is the manner in which the Gentiles are viewing it. The mere discussions of the ‘autonomy plan’ are in and of themselves a desecration of G-d’s Name and a desecration of the holy. It is one thing that there are Jews living in Israel who in their own personal lives do not observe Torah and Mitzvahs. It is quite another matter however, when the government of Israel declares open war against G-d and His Torah.

As for the explanation they give, that the issue is merely one of allowing the Arabs to conduct their own affairs in such areas as education, agriculture and the like, but not in areas of foreign relations and security, and that it’s only on a trial basis -- if this were indeed true, it would be a matter of diplomacy and I would not debate with you. You apparently understand diplomacy better than I do. The fact of the matter however, is that this is not an issue of diplomacy, but one of giving away parts of the Land of Israel. The very talks, in and of themselves, are a desecration of G-d’s Name, and in opposition to G-d and His Torah. Consequently, all the dainty and delightful diplomacy that Jews wish to make of it is irrelevant.

As for the argument that due to the current wave of Russian immigration and other important interests which require U.S. involvement, the U.S. opinion must be taken into account -- the bottom line is that this is the first step in the giving away of parts of Israel. The proof is that the politicians themselves, say that they are doing this only because they are intimidated by the Gentiles, and because they are being pressured, etcetera -- which means that the moment that there will again be pressure, they will again become intimidated, and the pattern will continue without end. Indeed, they have already seen from the past that bowing to pressure only brings more pressure in its wake.

(At this point in the exchange, Mr. Katzav confirmed the Rebbe’s words by pointing out that last year President Bush had written a letter in opposition to a Palestinian state, while this year he merely wrote that he is not ‘for’ a Palestinian state -- a perfect example of how the bowing to pressure had resulted in a change of attitude on the part of the United States.)

Said the Rebbe: “And we see in which direction the change is headed. It’s unacceptable for a Jew who believes in G-d and in His Torah, to Heaven forfend, be a partner to matters such as these and affix his signature to them in approval. It is thus preferable that the government should dissolve and cease to be a Jewish government -- because they speak of these autonomy plans only out of pressure from the Gentile nations (as they themselves admit). As such, it is preferable that there be established, G-d forbid, a Gentile government, which will make the decisions about what to do with the Land of Israel. This way, at least Jews will not affix their signatures to such matters. You are certainly acquainted with Mr. Menachem Begin, who originally did not agree with the Camp David issue. Indeed, he strongly opposed it. Eventually, however, he began to make concessions, and from what I hear, he regrets having done so to this very day. If people who do not believe in G-d were the ones doing this, it would possible to understand. But for people who believe in G-d to affix their signatures to matters relating to the giving away of parts of Israel, is a desecration of G-d’s name.

Shamir* believes in G-d and in the holiness of the Land of Israel. It is completely incomprehensible how he, of all people, now agrees to discuss plans, which ultimately translate into the giving away of parts of Israel. The security of the Land of Israel comes from the One G-d. If the government will act accordingly, with the necessary strength, then they will have nothing to fear regarding Israel’s security! For the moment, the discussions concern only a five-year autonomy plan, but this is merely because the politicians are afraid to clearly state that they intend to give away parts of Israel. Their intention, however, is quite clear. I estimate that Shamir himself is aware of this -- even more so than I. Shamir has many merits with regard to the Land of Israel, going back to the days of the “Irgun”, and so on. Back then, when the Gentiles had dominion over the Land of Israel (as sanctioned by Torah) Shamir fought against them -- and now it is he, of all people, that is discussing the giving away of parts of Israel. As regards practical action -- it is my opinion, that everything possible must be done to see to it that Shamir immediately dissolve the resolution and talks of autonomy. I always fought for a government that would be headed by Shamir. Just as I did all that was in my power toward this end, if the Israeli government will continue in this path of autonomy talks, then I, Menachem Mendel, will be the first to fight, with full force and with all my might, against Shamir, so that his government should collapse! Up until today only Mr. Peres opposed the Shamir government. However, should Shamir continue on the path of autonomy talks, then I too will oppose the Shamir government. If Shamir cannot withstand the pressure of the Gentiles, then he must openly declare that due to his inability, he is no longer able to serve as prime minister! As I have pointed out a number of times in the past, it is written that the shamir is a creature that breaks apart solid stone. Let Mr. Shamir apply himself with the full intensity of the shamir against the resolution to discuss the giving away of parts of Israel, and the entire matter will break apart and disappear. If he applies himself in this manner all such resolutions and ideas will disintegrate.

Mr. Katzav: The Rebbe shlita is the one who brought about the establishment of the present government and we want the Rebbe to continue to bestow upon it his blessing, which brings sanctity into the government.

The Rebbe: When Shamir will bring sanctity into the Land of Israel, it will give him the strength to stand up to the pressure.

Mr Katzav: Shamir will surely be strong.

The Rebbe: Until now he has been strong. Regarding the current situation -- it must be seen to it that the talks of autonomy be stopped immediately. Surely you will communicate all of this to Shamir, and surely you will not resent me for having given you an unpleasant mission. Communicate it in all of its intensity -- in the same manner that I have spoken it. Why should I have to personally appoint a messenger to give it over in all of its intensity? Forgive me for having spoken so harshly, but the truth is that I ought to speak of it at even greater length and in more detail. Now, however is not the appropriate time. May it be G-d’s will that you bear good tidings concerning all this, and henceforth there be spoken only matters relating to the holiness of the Land and People of Israel. (From Rebbe’s conversation with Mr. Moshe Katzav, 10 Sh`vat, 1992)

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