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Rabbi Heschel Greenberg
Chabad Shaliach in Buffalo, New York

Rabbi Greenberg

Chabad Shaliach in Williamsville, New York

Rabbi Heschel Greenberg

Rabbi Greenberg is the founder and director of the Jewish Discovery Center in the town of Amhearst outside of Buffalo New York.

Rabbi Greenberg is renowned as an internationally known Judaic scholar, author of several books and hundreds of scholarly and popular articles. A very popular lecturer for University Law School students around the world on the subject of Torah ethics and modern legal systems.

Rabbi Greenberg has reached out and touched the lives of tens of thousands of Jews and non-Jews through his work in Buffalo and with his weekly TV program "Ask The Rabbi". For years Rav Greenberg has lectured for University students at the University of Buffalo.

Well published on the profound subject of Chassidic philosophy, Rabbi Greenberg is a popular speaker for the Law School and other departments seeking a traditional Jewish point of view.

An expert intimately familiar with the details of the Lubavitcher Rebbe'sjerusalemskyline messages of hope and direction for Jews living here in the United States and for our brothers and sisters living in the Holy Land.

An experienced speaker with a flair and a sense of humor, Rabbi Greenberg will charm your audience as he tells personal stories and intertwines this with the Rebbes shita on Eretz Yisrael.

A must for any Chabad House!


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