Shlaymus HaAretz Lecture Series
Rav Yitzchok Ginsburg
Chabad Author & Lecturer
Rav Yitzchok Ginsburg

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Rabbi Ginsburgh is our generation's most respected authority on Jewish Mysticism.

Rabbi Yitzchok Ginsburg has been involved for many years with building Eretz Yisrael instilling into his lecutures, books and many students and admirers a distinct excitement that comes from the mystical viewpoint of Kabbalah. Jailed at one point by the Israeli government for allegedly promoting revolution, the Israeli court was forced to learn the Chassidus of the Mittler Rebbe in order to fully understand even what the prosecution claimed to be treasonous!

As he related after his release: "The Judge, my lawyer and the prosecution all had to learn Chassidic thought in order to properly understand what was being alleged and why it was completely untrue".

A vetern of Israeli politics and reading where Israel is going from the mystical point of view of Kabballah. Rav Ginsburg is acknowledged by both the religious and academic communities as an integrator of the mystical tradition as has not been seen in Judaism for many generations. His work is not only integrative in its nature, it is also seminal, providing serious students of Torah (in all its areas, esoteric as well as exoteric) with tools and ideas that will be relevant for hundreds of years to come. Hundreds of spiritual leaders view him as their mentor and teacher and his impact on Torah scholarship and Jewish spirituality increases from day to day. Well known for his exciting Kabbalistic view on the future of Israel, many have integrated his ideas into their lives.

Yet, those who know him are struck by his humble, gentle, and serene nature. While every class or lecture that he delivers is a tour-de-force of powerful insight, intellect, and what seems to be infinite creativity, leaving listerners with the feeling that they have just been touched by the Infinite, he himself remains approachable and reachable.

Rabbi Ginsburgh was born in S. Louis, Missouri in 1944.

Prior to his rediscovering the beauty and wisdom of his Jewish heritage, Rabbi Ginsburgh pursued an academic career in mathematics and philosophy. Upon finding his way to Torah faith and observance, he began an intensive program of religious study and development, under the close guidance of several great sages--most notably, the Lubavitcher Rebbe. In the course of his study, Rabbi Ginsburgh acquired deep and broad knowledge of the mystical tradition within Judaism, the realm of Kabbalah and Chassidut.

After moving to Israel in 1965, Rabbi Ginsburg began drawing from his intimate knowledge of these profound teachings so as to make them spiritually relevant to the modern Jew for whom the original texts are virtually impenetrable. Using his academic background to present these classic ideas into a conceptual language and system that speaks to the 20th-century mind, Rabbi Ginsburg has been able to unlock a vast treasure of insight that many have long been thirsting for.

Rabbi Ginsburgh's familiarity with mathematics, science, philosophy, psychology and music has enabled him to relate the ancient wisdom of the Torah to many currents trends in academic thought and artistic activity. He is a talented musician and composer, having produced recordings of original music bringing Chassidic motif and classical style into fruitful interplay.

Presently, Rabbi Ginsburgh lives with his wife and children in the rural Chassidic settlement of Kfar Chabad. He teaches all across the Land of Israel, from modern Tel Aviv to the ancestral towns of Shechem and Hebron in Judea and Samaria where many of his students are reclaiming ancient Jewish rights of settlement. His audiences include yeshiva students and academics, chassidim and businessmen, housewives and politicians.

In addition to his teaching commitments, Rabbi Ginsburg has devoted much of his time and energy to writing original works of Chassidic thought based upon his unique system and methodology. These works are prepared, published and distributed by Gal Einai of the Holy Land. Hundreds of his taped lectures and seminars are also distributed.

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, a renowned authority on Kabbalah and Chassidut, has been making the profound wisdom of the Jewish esoteric tradition accessible to seekers of Jewish spirituality for over 25 years. From his base in the Holy Land, Rabbi Ginsburgh teaches as well as oversees the production of numerous original works on Jewish mysticism.

Rabbi Ginsburgh speaks to audiences around the world.
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