Shlaymus HaAretz Lecture Seriesnoach & a few friends
Rabbi Noach Bernstein
Iggud HaRabbonim, Brooklyn

Rabbi Noach Bernstein

Representative of Iggud HaRabbonim

Spokesman for Igud HaRabbanim Brooklyn, New York

Spokesman for the famous "Igud HaRabbonim" of NewYork City, representing more than 100 Rabbinical Authorities, Noah brings a halachic point of view and shows us the Rebbes prophetic foresight on what was spoken about years ago, exactly predicting the current turn of events against Israel due to its unflinching position of giving in to terrorist demands.

noachNoah is a powerful speaker, who will bring the Rebbe's logic to your Bais Chabad in clear unequivicol terms. jerusalemskyline

An experienced speaker with a noachflair and a sense ofhumor,Rabbi Bernstein will charm your audience as he tellspersonal stories and intertwines this with the Rebbes shitaon Eretz Yisrael.

A must for your Chabad House!


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