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Key Talking Points Key Talking Points
Key Talking Points

Key Talking Points

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Key Talking PointsKey Talking PointsKey Talking Points

How to clearly and quickly explain the Lubavitcher Rebbe's position

Learn the points below so you know them by heart.

Repeat them to whomever you talk to.

Point Number 1:

The main issue is security – Jewish Safety Must Come First!

Point Number 2:
G-d gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people as promised in the Bible

Point Number 3:
We must tell the non-Jew the truth: We are not allowed to give away G-d’s Land. The non-Jew respects Israel when Israel asserts itself as a Jewish Country based on the Bibles promises that G-d made to Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov.

Point Number 4:
Peace Talks for Land only bring more terror

Point Number 5:
With each piece of land given away there is increased terror

Point Number 6:
Israel must take back all of the areas given away in order to ensure security

Point Number 7:
If anything should expand its borders to create a better security situation as the opportunity presents itself

Point Number 8:
Fear of “What will the non-Jew think” has done more damage than anything else in Israel’s foreign relations

Point Number 9:
The Arab terrorists want ALL of Israel not just the little bits of Gaza and West Bank. (Ed. - As evidenced by their national emblem which is all of Israel)

Point Number 10:
The agreements were never meant for peace, but to trick the Jews legally and unfairly destroy Israel

Point Number 11:
With each conclusion of "Peace", the new “peace-neighbor” rolls it’s armies up to the peaceful border (basically the same idea as above) What country that just concluded peace talks has armed soldiers patrolling the new peaceful border?

Point Number 12:
The Arab countries would make peace with Israel without demanding we give them Land or concessions

Point Number 13:
How does one make peace with a people who are have a national policy of genocide for Jews the world over? While Shulchan Oruch discusses a a doubt of the invaders intent (in determining whether to break Shabbos or not and fight) Here, there is no doubt of their murderous intentions

Point Number 14:
Israel’s government has made secret agreements to give away the Land

Point Number 15:
Israel keeps to all of the agreements; The Arabs keep to none

Point Number 16:
“Settlers” are Israeli citizens. Do Not use the word: "Settlers" when talking to people. Instead use "Israeli Citizens" ("Ezrach" in Hebrew)

Point Number 17:
The Orthodox Jew is about half if not more of Israel today

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