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Chassidim & Druze United To Save Ghajar!
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How Can I Join To Help This This Town And Its People From Given Over So Cruelly To Terrorists?

What Is Ghajar and Why Is It Important For Israel To Keep This Non-Jewish Town?

Why Ghajar must remain Israeli and why we must help

By Raanan Isseroff Reprinted From Beis Moshiach Nov 2010
Town of Ghajar sitting half on the border of Israel and half on the border of Lebanon thanks to the UN which split the town against the wishes of its residents to be considered Israeli after it was captured in 1967. On the top right is the kibbutz Snir. To the left are the Golan Heights soon to be given back as part of agreements between PM Netanyahu and Syria. The Ravine in the front is the River Snir a source river for the Jordan River. (Sattelite picture courtesy of Google Earth)

A little non-Jewish Druze town on the Border of Israel called "Ghajar" or "Rajar" is turning Israel upside down by demanding that Israel keep the town Israeli. This is despite the fact that last Wednesday Israel’s Knesset voted it away.

Israeli MK Mr. Ayoub Kara of Likud who has always been against Israel’s giving any land for Peace including the abandonment of Gush Katif has again risen to the challenge and valiantly champions the towns cause saying that this in fact violates Golan Law .

Mr. Kara said that besides being a violation of Israeli law, a withdrawal from the village would leave residents at the “mercy of the monstrous Hezbollah terror organization.”   He vowed to: “fight with my last drop of blood” against Israel’s abandoning the northern border village of Ghajar to the United Nations and Hezbollah .

The problem is that when the town (A village really) became Israel's after 1967, the ever culturally caring UN drew a line through the middle of the town making the northern part Lebanese and the Southern part became Israel's . Rajar or Ghajar, sits on the border at the base of Mount Hermon and at the head of the River Snir.

Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara has a Turkish map from World War I showing that the northern village of Rajar must not be divided, but must rather remain totally Israeli.   Those in Israel who support retaining the entire village say it was captured in its entirety from Syria. Kara, says the newly-discovered map shows that there was a mistake in the Sykes-Picot agreement map of 1916. The agreement was made between the United Kingdom and France, with the assent of Imperial Russia, defining their respective spheres of influence and control in the Middle East after the expected downfall of the Ottoman Empire. Its terms were negotiated by French diplomat François Georges-Picot and Briton Sir Mark Sykes. The official map mistakenly has the Druze village of Rajar as half Syrian and half Lebanese.  However, Kara’s map shows that Rajar - population 2,200 - was in fact totally Syrian, and not Lebanese. The error in the Sykes-Picot map was caused when the original was traced over, and a slight movement caused the line to be drawn through, and not aside, Rajar.  The implications of this are that Rajar is part of the Golan Heights, the area that was annexed to Israel in 1981. As such, its northern half need not be “returned” to Lebanon, as demanded by Hizbullah. 

City of Ghajar Half In Israel and Half In Lebanon whose residents want to remain Israeli. The town is being claimed by Lebanon, Syria and the Hamas who terrorize its inhabitants.According the same resolution that put the line through the town, the UN was appointed to keep the security in check. The same agreement also said that Lebanon NOT Hezbollah is supposed to be in police control of the northern part of the town. As Hezbollah slowly gained control of Lebanon, they took over police control of the northern part of the town in partnership with their "good friends" the UN... 

To give you an example of the UN’s positive feelings about Hezbollah while tolerating broken parts of the agreement; in 2000 the UN force supposed to be in control of the area in it’s October 31st Report to the United Nations Security Council UNIFIL itself says: ” near the Blue Line the (Lebanese) authorities have, in effect, left control to Hizbollah.  Its members work in civilian attire and are normally unarmed. They maintain good discipline and are under effective command and control. They monitor the Blue Line, maintain public order and, in some villages, provide social, medical and education services.”

This accepting by the UN of Lebanon’s appointing Hezbollah terrorists to “police” of course helped make Israel's controlling the Southern part of the town a nightmare until predictably Israel simply took over the Northern part of the town as well. It was hard to tell where the "police" began and the terror ended off.

Of course when Israel took over the Northern part of the town the useless UN called a "foul" claiming Israel to be in International violation of UN resolution 1701. Never mind you that of the nineteen accords in the agreement, Israel was keeping its 14 but Lebanon in partnership with the UN had a hard time keeping their 5!

Finally, last Wedsnday, Israel got sick of the problem and simply threw in the towel effectively returning the town to Hezbollah control.

The townspeople petitioned both Israel and the UN to stay Israeli but nobody seems to be listening...

Israel Metzav reported in January of this year that the situation of the towns people is deteriorating .

Two weeks ago, the people of Ghajar went to the southern entrance of their town to protest the prospect of their northern half being turned over to Lebanon - and the Lebanese inhabitants of southern Lebanon (who are mostly Shiite Hezbullah supporters) came in through the northern entrance and robbed them! So they no longer leave their homes unattended.

UNIFIL commander Major-General Claudio Graziano (Italy), whose term expires in January, is pushing Israel to give the northern half of Ghajar to Hezbullah. If that happens, the residents have prepared an appeal to Israel's High Court of Justice against being given to Hezbullah. Even if the northern half of Ghajar is given to Hezbullah, Israel will continue to provide services, and the IDF will continue to patrol in the southern half of town.

Ghajar is a closed military zone, which means that no Israelis can enter without the IDF's permission. According to the IDF spokesperson, she has entered Ghajar but only to accompany foreign journalists, and then only photographers show up. She is not allowed to cross into the northern half of town, and as a result discourages journalists from doing so. The townspeople have a spokesperson whose first name she gave us (it's probably the better part of discretion not to disclose it), but even the spokesperson - and certainly the townspeople - will not talk unless they are sure that the person to whom they are speaking is 'safe.'

My thought is like this:
I think we could help make them be listened to. We can give Ghajar a voice.
In the process is brought out how the Peace process has nothing to do with peace, nothing to do with "brotherly love" and only has to do with Israel giving in to Terrorist use of making demands using international pressure.

Reprinted From Beis Moshiach Vol# 764 Nov 2010

Netanyahu to Tell UN: Israel to Withdraw from Ghajar. Israel national news – Nov 7, 2010 by Chana Yair - http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/140485




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UN Security Council Report S/2000/1049 Oct 31, 2000 “Interim report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. See section #10. The rest of section 10 testifies to the UN’s inability to effectively police Lebabnon: ” On several occasions, Hizbollah personnel have restricted the Force’s freedom of movement. The most serious incidents of this kind occurred after Hizbollah’s operation on 7 October, one on the same day, the other four days later. In both, Hizboflah forced UNIFIL personnel at gunpoint to hand over vehicles and military hardware they had found on the terrain. UNIFIL protested all such incidents to the Lebanese authorities.”

See: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/United_Nations_Security_Council_Resolution_1701   The Resolution demands of Lebanon & the UN: 1. Full cessation of hostilities 2. Israel to withdraw all of its forces from Lebanon in parallel with Lebanese and UNIFIL soldiers deploying throughout the South (OP2)   3.Hezbollah to be disarmed   4. Full control of Lebanon by the government of Lebanon  5. No paramilitary forces, including (and implying) Hezbollah, will be south of the Litani River




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