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Secret Talks To Give Back Land Won In Six Day War

As I said, I was not referring to the City’s true fate, but to the secret bargaining which is taking place in the inner diplomatic circles — which is quite publicized amongst the gentiles — regarding which part of the liberated territories to surrender, and which parts not to surrender. Though they have been carrying out this perilous bargaining for over a year, and even at the outset there were many who were of the opinion to return it, lately this belief has become more rampant.

Letter from Lubavitcher Rebbe to Rabbi Moshe Levinger in Hebron. December 12, 1968

Israel Invites Pressue For Concessions
“All of the pressure, concessions and so on, are founded in, and encouraged by certain well-known, (Jewish) influential groups within Israel itself, whose influence on international relations is, at times, absolute.

Moreover, they actually invite pressure, either directly or indirectly!
An undeniable proof to this -- one that I have already pointed out many times and that has even been publicized in the papers -- is the fact that immediately after the Six-Day War they sent an official, though inconspicuous delegation, made-up of government representatives (ministers) to Washington with an offer to give back all of the territories that the Jews recaptured, in exchange for so-called “peace”.

Letter of the Rebbe, Likkutei Sichos p. 561

CIA website shows what Israel is giving away

The CIA's New "Country Of Westbank"


Where Is Golan Heights?

Surprise! It's on the CIA's Map of Syria: "Golan Heights is Israeli Occupied" (more)

Syria's new addition of Golan Heights as "Israeli Occupied Syrian Territory".

To Quote the CIA website: "there are 41 Israeli settlements and civilian land use sites in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (2010 est.) " On the "Transitional Issues" Area of this page the CIA declares:"Golan Heights is Israeli-occupied with the almost 1,000-strong UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) patrolling a buffer zone since 1964; lacking a treaty or other documentation describing the boundary, portions of the Lebanon-Syria boundary are unclear with several sections in dispute; since 2000, Lebanon has claimed Shab'a Farms in the Golan Heights; 2004 Agreement and pending demarcation settles border dispute with Jordan; approximately two million Iraqis have fled the conflict in Iraq with the majority taking refuge in Syria and Jordan" (click here to see CIA Factbook page)

Where is Jerusalem?

The CIA version of what the United States understands is Jerusalem. A very clear view from the Country of "West Bank" (Click Here To See) (See the "Jew Version" below)

Where is Jerusalem? For the Jewish & Israeli viewer

A tailored CIA version of what the United States understands is Jerusalem. A fuzzy view for the Jews from the country of Israel (Click Here To See)

The New Country of Gaza Strip!

The CIA version of what the United States understands is "Gaza Strip". (Click Here To See)

The CIA map of the "Country of Gaza Strip".

(Click Here To See)
CIA Defines:

"What Is Israel And Her Borders" According To What The United States Understands.

See what plan Israel is trying to push across on its citizenry (Click Here To See)

Quotes from the CIA Factbook (see: "Transitional Issues"): "West Bank and Gaza Strip are Israeli-occupied with current status subject to the Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement - permanent status to be determined through further negotiation; Golan Heights is Israeli-occupied (Lebanon claims the Shab'a Farms area of Golan Heights); since 1948"

The only problem with this is that all the CIA's maps show these areas to be parts of other countries, even though they were gained when Israel was attacked. International Law makes a clear distinction between land "occupied" during a war of aggression and land taken as a result of a defensive war. For a concise history of what happened (so click here)
As if lending further proof to the Lubavicher Rebbe's remarks that even if Israel does not herself consider these areas to be under consideration, but since Israel is going and sitting down to talks about negotiating Peace for land. And why are you going to sit? So what does the other side think? You are only coming to negotiate, because you have what to give!

Consider this article that appeared recently in Israel National News:

Why Does The United States Think Jerusalem is Outside Israel?

by Gil Ronen

The United States State Department is standing behind the wording of an official statement that implied that Jerusalem – including its western parts - is not a part of Israel. Against the backdrop of President Barack Obama's speech calling on Israel to return to the 1949 Armistice lines, the statement's implications appear more alarming.

The May 18 statement was cited in a Weekly Standard column by Eliot Abrams, a former foreign policy advisor for presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Abrams wrote:
“In what country is the Knesset?…
[I]t seems that this question has stumped the State Department. It does not know or will not say what country the Knesset is in, nor—one must assume—does it know what country the Prime Minister’s Office, the Israel Museum, or especially the Western Wall are in.

He quotes a “remarkable” press release from the State Department about the travels of Deputy Secretary James Steinberg, which says:
Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg visits Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank
May 18-19, 2011. In Israel, Deputy Secretary Steinberg met with Israeli academic and student leaders. In the West Bank, he met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian officials. Among other issues, he discussed moving forward on Middle East peace as well as the recent fundamental changes in the region and the United States’ response to them. On May 19, he will participate in the U.S.-Israel Strategic Dialogue. The Strategic Dialogue allows senior U.S. and Israeli leaders to discuss, on a regular basis and in depth, the many issues that affect our mutual security and partnership."

The wording of the above press release appears to imply that the United States understands Jerusalem to be outside Israel. Since Steinberg’s visit included a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon in the Foreign Ministry, which is in western Jerusalem, the implication seems to be that western Jerusalem, too, is separate from Israel.

“I suppose the poor benighted Israelis believed they were hosting Steinberg in their country when he visited government offices!” Abrams writes sarcastically. “But Steinberg knew better. What makes this especially egregious is that Israeli government offices—where Mr. Steinberg would have had his official meetings—are actually in west Jerusalem, the portion Israel controlled even before 1967. Yet the Clinton State Department is apparently unwilling to call even that portion of the city, 'Israel.’”

Abrams believes the statement is not at all an innocuous mistake:
“While Deputy Secretary Steinberg and Secretary Clinton’s State Department may believe that the Western Wall of the ancient Temple is actually not in Israel, and are apparently unwilling to confirm that the Knesset and Prime Minister’s Office are in Israel, it’s an unsustainable position. It is a ludicrous, insulting, morally untenable position.”

In response to a query by Arutz Sheva, the State Department did not retract or try to claim the statement had been misunderstood.

A U.S. Embassy spokesperson would not directly address the article, but stated: “The formula as it was written does not show any change in the American policy toward Israel, and similar wording was used in the past.”

(IsraelNationalNews.com) May 19, 2011
To see the original article: (click here)


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