Event Checklist
Doing an Event? A quick checklist for success:

Before The Event

You must promote your event! It doesn't happen by itself. It won't happen by limiting yourself to Facebook advertising.

Send Us Your Upcoming & Past Events

Plan 2 months in advance (if possible)
It depends if your event is educational or reactionary. If reacting to some event, so time is limited and here, you must go all out. Meaning: Plan to print fliers, write a short article describing why this speaker or event is significant. Give a historical context. Put a nice picture. Don't downplay the power of Chabad publications to advertise your event. Students or congregants walk in and they need to see others attending. Make sure the local on line and paper journals have an ad.

Advertise as soon as you have a date
People set calendars weeks and months in advance.

Send an article or graphic flier to all the major Chabad and local Jewish publications
Chabadniks living in the boonies will travel amazing amounts to support a worthy event. Use that to your advantage

Email & text all your congregants! Concentrating especially on the week of the event and up until the day of event
As a prominent shlucha once told me: "You get what you reap!" No calls, no people.
Do once a week emails up to the week of the event. Two days before begin an intensive texting and "email-your-friends-please" campaign. Personal phone calls work too

Hire a Professional Photographer!! (don't be cheap)
This is one of the most important points. After your event, all you have are pictures- They must be good!

Look on Chabad4israel to plan your theme!!
See theme planning below. It must be relevent and not offensive and should not attract Arab protestors (but be ready if it does)
You don't want a theme that brings Arab protestors and as well, we don't want to promote the peace process either. This takes thought and consulting. Thats what we're here for. The early protests for Gush Katif were hijacked by Israel to make it appear as if, Orthodox Jews and specifically Lubavitch support Israel's gifts of land to terrorists. We do not and your theme should not either-

Email us if you aren't sure

After The Event

The Day After

Immediately Send pictures and articles to local Jewish papers

Send article and pictures to Chabad on-line news services

Send same to Chabad4israel.org so we can promote it for you

Theme Planning

How To Plan A Good Theme

Your event should hit somehow upon, educate or support the main points about Halacha 329
Not sure? Do a quick read our teachers guide:


1. A good theme should not feed Israel's peace process
Including: Waving Israeli flags and signage that suggests we are supporting Israel. This part needs thought. If you want signs waved with a certain targeted message, you have to print them and have a planning session before the event.

2. Your event should not become a target for Arab protest

3. Your event should not be about bashing Muslims, Jihad, Iran or extremists so you don't get labeled as anti-Islamic (and off-topic). Even anti-BDS is totally off-topic. (email for explanation) (Defending yourself or others from a BDS protest is something else. This needs to be approached in a certain way. In general its kind of related, but needs a certain angle which is beyond the scope of this page)

If you are reading these last 3 points and smiling? Somethings wrong.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe's main points are about Jewish Safety that needs to be secured and ensured by the State of Israel. This has nothing to do with the American President and his policies or what Arab Country is currently more anti-Semitic than the others. (Jihad, Muslim extremism, etc) If you are not sure read: http://www.chabad4israel.org/rebbeview.shtml
If you we are properly promoting the Rebbe's ideas about peace, we should not be running loggerheads with these 3 points, the first being the hardest to discern.

For example: If your theme is anything about promoting Israel? Using these themes will bring Arab protest and support Israel's promotion of giving land and may well attract BDS and other Arab protest groups.
Typical support Israel themes: "Support Israel", "Support Israel's right to....", "Israel, We Stand With You!" "RALLY for Israel" (be careful of this word: Rally, it does not mean protest and will be printed in the papers with your name and face "Rallying for the state of Israel".)

Partnering To Do An Event
Great idea! Partnering means another organization(s) join you (or you join them) to do an event.
Here, its important to realize that they need you, more than you need them. So use that to your advantage to get the Rebbe's message across. Tell them you don't want a "support Israel" theme. Israel is the problem, not the victim.
With some careful negotiation, they won't mind and you will have a partner in what the Rebbe is promoting. They need your orthodox appearance to give a hechsher to their event. Have them do the Rebbe's pesukim. Have children do them. Didn't the Rebbe say: "Mi pi yonkim yesadeta oz?" before the Yom Kippur war? They may be interested in using you to give the wrong impression- as is common today amongst protest organizers. Like labeling the event a "rally for Israel". This kind of Orthodox support is what the Rebbe said is against G-d and his Torah. (See Sichos Kodesh 5752 in the hosofos where the Mr. Katzov meets the Rebbe after Mincha in 770). The problem is that how its presented can be confusing, most times its not intentional so don't get bent out of shape

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