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  • Sponsor our media campaign for one year: $180,000
  • Sponsor a fundraiser for one year: $45,000
  • Sponsor free or low cost subsidized speakers to 20 Chabad Houses: $40,000
  • Sponsor a free or subsidized speaker to 5 Chabad Houses: $10,000
  • Sponsor a drawing for a free speaker to speak on Shleimus HaAretz: $2500
  • Sponsor a staff person for one year: $36,000
  • Sponsor our website for one year: $30,000
  • Sponsor a brochure for all of our programs: – $15,000
  • Tznius4Israel, Chabad4Ghajar, Chabad Im Ha-Am!; Twin Your Bais Chabad; Shleimus HaAretz Lecture Bureau; Programming For Shluchim; Facts About Land For Peace; Donation Brochure; The Rebbe’s Vision Of Peace; Chabad Should Protest; Mi-Yehudi (Who Is A Jew?); Non-Jews & The Holy Land
  • Total Cost: $15,000
  • Sponsor our next rally: $7700
  • Sponsor twinning a Chabad House outside of Israel with a Chabad House in the Territories: $5000
  • Sponsor our calendar: $3600
  • Sponsor a speaker on the subject of Shleimus HaAretz in a Chabad House of your choice: $2000
  • Sponsor a bus to the next demonstration: $1800
  • Sponsor our bi-yearly fundraising mailing: $1000
  • Sponsor one brochure: $1000
  • Sponsor one weeks outreach flyer: $770
  • Be a “Chabad4Israel” friend: (and get a memorial or meritorial notice on our website and flyer:) $500
  • Buy a place in the calendar: $360
  • Membership as a “Chabad4Israel Chaver” – $180 annually
  • Buy advertising space on our website (email for prices: shevi@chabad4israel.org)
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Crown Heights Commitee For Shleimus HaAretz
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