Does A Christian Have A Duty To Love Israel? Interview With Pastor Luc Henrist

A specialist in Biblical prophecy, an unconditional love of Israel, Luc Henrist kindly answered a few questions on a subject where everything and its opposite is said and repeated. I wanted to encourage this tireless fighter to allow him to remind us of some of the essential truths of the Bible and to teach us what should be a fair and balanced position concerning Israel…

Luc Henrist, You Are A Lover Of Israel, Where You Lived For Ten Years Before Being The Pastor Of A Messianic Assembly. I Go Straight To The Heart Of The Matter: Can We Live Without Loving Israel?

One can live without loving Israel as some live without loving God … But is it live? One person said that a born-again Christian could not hate Israel because love for the Jewish people is something that one automatically receives when one gives oneself to the Lord. I do not entirely agree with this statement because I know many sincere Christians, who love God but have no affinity for the Jewish people (this was my case for many years). Moreover, this notion of “loving Israel” can also mean “loving the people of Israel” and here, sadly, it must be admitted that for the vast majority of Christians today, the answer is negative because they believe that if we “love Israel” (as a country) it means that we agree with everything this country does … which is far from being the case is the same with all the countries of the world). We must “love” Israel in a biblical and non-political perspective!