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Should Chabad Demonstrate?

Tzach Asked The Rebbe:
Should Chabad Demonstrate Against Land for Peace?

Lubavitcher Rebbe Letter saying Chabad should protest in name of ChabadBackground of letter:
In 1993, the Israeli government led by Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was pushing through the Oslo accords, giving away land and creating the so-called Palestinian Authority.

"Tzach and Chabad houses ought to be involved in this publically in the name of Chabad"

"על צאגו"ח ובתי חב"ד להתעסק בזה לפעול בגילוי בשם חב"ד"

Very concerned, Tzeirei Agudas Chabad asked the Rebbe:

“Due to the frightening developments regarding Shleimus Ha’Aretz according to what's been publicized, the (Israeli) government is ready to hand over large parts of our Holy Land in Yehuda and Shomron as well as the Golan Heights to the Arabs. We held an emergency meeting this week, called by Rabbi Y.Y. Yaroslavsky, Secretary of the Vaad Rabbanei Chabad, which was attended by a number of askanim, regarding what action should be taken for the purpose of countering this deadly plan.

The proposed activities are on the following fronts:
1) To do a huge publicity campaign clarifying the point that giving away land contradicts the explicit law in Shulchan Aruch, hilchos Shabbos, siman 329, and it's reasoning, “Lest the land be easy to conquer,” and the danger to life entailed in giving away land.
2) To organize mass demonstrations to show the public’s opposition to giving away land.
3) To exert strong pressure on the government to stop immediately. It seems to us that we have the ability to plan and organize a publicity campaign and can shape public opinion, on a large scale, to create massive public opposition to the government’s dangerous plans.

Our question is:
1) Should Tzach and Chabad houses get involved in this?
2) Should this be done openly in the name of Chabad or should a new organization be formed without mention of Chabad?
3) If we shouldn’t openly act in the name of Chabad, should we refrain altogether from any activity that could be connected with Chabad, or having no choice, to do all that is necessary?
4) Should we work on toppling the government?
5) Should we give priority to this matter?

The Rebbe’s answer, 25th of Iyar: (As written down by Rabbi Leibel Groner)Rebbe's Letter To Tzach
1) Tzach and Chabad houses ought to be involved in this; על צאגו"ח ובתי חב"ד להתעסק בזה
2) Do this openly in the name of Chabad; לפעול בזה בגילוי בשם חב"ד
3) Bracha

Beis Din Chabad Encourages Demonstrating
Following the Rebbe’s answer on the 15th Elul in 5753 (1993), the Beis Din of Chassidei Chabad called upon all of Anash, “Men, women, and children, all together. to participate in a huge demonstration facing the Prime Minister’s office in Yerushalayim.”

The Beis Din announced that:
“The Rebbe shlita gave his holy blessing to the activities of the campaign, and therefore, it is a holy obligation for everybody to personally participate in this protest.”

To see press on this demonstration that Tzach organized Click Here:
Press on Tzach protest. It was estimated that over 300,000 people turned out.

"The government is telling you a lie", said Benyamin Netanyahu, Likud Leader: "They are giving the country away". (Baltimore Sun Sept 8, 1993) Mr. Netanyahu claimed over 300,000 people had attended.

Courtesy of Beis Moshiach #509 Pages 36-40
By:Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe


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