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Igud HaRabbonim Rabbis Call for Protecting Sanctity of Kosel

Monday, August 8, 2016, the Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud Horrabonim (RAA/IGUD) held its monthly convocation at the King David Center in Brooklyn, NY which opened with an emergency press conference calling upon the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Israel to support the position of the Chief Rabbinate regarding the Western Wall area

6th of Av, 5776 - August 10, 2016
by Mendel - COLlive

Monday, August 8, 2016, 6:30 PM, the Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud Horrabonim (RAA/IGUD) opened with an emergency press conference calling upon the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Israel to support the position of the Chief Rabbinate who oppose any and all innovations that serve to desecrate the sanctity of the Western Wall area.

Presidium Member of the Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud Horrabonim, Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht spiritual leader of Chabad of Norwalk, emphasized that the purpose of this emergency press conference is to express support of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel as being the authority

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Shluchim Convention Attendees Protest Israel's Giving Land and Lack of Military Initiative

The following statement was issued to the media at the 40th Annual National Conference of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s personal Emissaries in Israel:

Monday, August 29th, 2016
by Yeshiva World News Staff

The following statement was issued to the media at the 40th Annual National Conference of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s personal Emissaries in Israel:

A Call to the Prime Minister and Government of Israel and to all our Jewish Brethren Around the World from the Israeli Emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

“We, the Israeli emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who were personally sent to the Land of Israel by the Rebbe forty years ago in order to “inspire and encourage Jews to fulfill the Torah and mitzvot, and to rebuild the land both physically and spiritually,” include among us both municipal and community Rabbis, heads of yeshivot and kollels, and founders and administrators of educational and charitable institutions.

“We raise a heartfelt cry of painful and vociferous protest against the current situation in the Land of Israel, in which, for the last year, our enemies have unremittingly sought to harm our Jewish brethren – men, women and children – and during which time, the Israeli government has stood by refusing to respond with force....

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Peace Upon The Land

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Curriculum For Teaching Shleimus HaAretzCurriculum To Teach Shleimus HaAretz
English - Outline for 5 Classes


Finally! A curriculum for teaching the Lubavitcher Rebbe's plan for peace in Eretz Yisrael.
The Curriculum is material for five classes. Suggested teaching materials are included in the PDF or as links from the curriculum. Starting with a be-iyun study of the halacha 329 in Hilchot Shabbos in both Mishna Brurah and the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Oruch. Then on to real-time historical reasons backing up the Lubavitcher Rebbe's problem with land for peace that take us back in time to World War II and the Pre-World War II Marienbad Conference organized by Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky and the Klausenberger Rebbe. This fascinating course will have your students sitting on the edge of their seats. Great Camp Material!!

To download the Teachers Curriculum click here:

Rav Gershon Tanenbaum To Speak In Crown Heights

Chabad of Cederhurst Hosts Former Mayor of Itamar

The Levi Yitzchok Library in Cederhurst, NY is hosting the former mayor of Itamar Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith and wife Leah to speak about the critical situation their city is facing. Chabad of Cedarhurst, Rabbi Zalman Wolowik (pronounced: "Volovick"!) is hosting the event due to the increasing terrorism Israelis are suffering due to Israel'oldevnt/pictures/lyevent.png" alt="" width="640" height="828" align="left" hspace="10/">

Rebbe For Everybody - Arabs Too

It was the custom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to write annual general letters on the occasion of various holidays and milestones throughout the year. These letters were addressed to "all Jewish sons and daughters wherever they may be," and delivered an inspiring message pertaining to some aspect of the upcoming holiday. These letters were originally written in Yiddish and were translated into various languages and disseminated throughout the globe. Mr. Machamed Wated Former Knesset Member 1981 - 1988 Rabbi Aaron Dov Halperin Editor in Chief of Kfar Chabad Magazine

The Hebrew translations to these letters were written by renowned author and educator, Rabbi Tuvia Blau. Because he was based in Israel, and internet and fax were not yet in use, the Rebbe did not review or edit these translations. However, when the Hebrew magazine Kfar Chabad began to publish the letters, the Rebbe would review every issue and edit the letters.

Once, after the Rebbe returned the magazine with the edits, Rabbi Blau and the editor of Kfar Chabad, Rabbi Aaron Dov Halperin, noticed something unusual. In the original Yiddish letter, the Rebbe used the term "Yid," ordinarily translated as "Jew," or in Hebrew, Yehudi. But wherever Rabbi Blau had used the term Yehudi in his Hebrew translation, the Rebbe changed it to "adam," person.

Rabbi Halperin could not contain his curiosity and called the Rebbe's secretary, Rabbi Leibel Groner, to clarify the matter.

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Chabad Shluchim Conference Declares Peace Process Null and Void

Rabbi Gerlitzky Addresses Shluchim Conference On Need To End Oslo and Camp David


Rabbi Yoseph Gerlitzky addressed the International Shluchim Conference:

We are all here- United and larger in number than the representatives in the UN who voted for the two state solution to divide Israel." Said Rav Gerlitzky Saturday night November 8 in Crown Heights Brooklyn, to the yearly meeting of Lubavitcher Rabbis from around the world.

Referring to recent UN resolutions, Rav Gerlitzky said: "While they represent different countries we represent the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the one and only leader of our generation who vehemently opposed such a scheme. Therefore we hereby declare in the name of all the Shluchim that the UN Resolution is null and void and there never, ever, will be a Palestinian state alongside Israel and every inch of Eretz Yisroel will remain under control of its rightful owner – Am Yisroel,” So declared Rabbi Yoseph Gerlitzky, himself a Lubavitcher outreach director in Tel Aviv Israel. Or as Lubavitcher Chassidim like to title their outreach rabbis: A Shaliach.

Rabbi Gerlitzky's brave words, brought a standing ovation and a resounding round of applause by the 4, 325 Chabad Rabbonim attending from around the globe.

His words came as surprise.
Such statements about Israel's controversial peace process are not usually heard at these meetings. Unusual in itself, for their leader, the Lubavitcher Rebbe commonly made many such statements before 1993 and was known for his vociferous stand against peace. Not that he was opposed to peace, but simply because he felt the agreements were not being done in good faith. In fact he felt and with good reason, that the agreements were being made as a weapon with which to legally destroy Israel.

Historical Fact More Powerful Than Political Theories
Citing the well known relationship that the Mufti, the father of the Palestinian & Arab Nationalist movements had with Hitler during the war as enough reason to not trust the agreements. (The Mufti of Jerusalem, lived with Hitler in Germany throughout the war) Historically as well, the Arabs have a history of using the issue of peace to promote war. For example, in 1974, while the Arabs prepared for war, Israel was lulled into thinking they weren't serious when the Egyptians asked to start peace talks in Washington. As the peace talkers were talking, Egypt attacked and Israel suffered terrible losses until by great miracles they fought back the Egyptian and Syrian armies retaking Sinai and the Suez Canal.

Rabbi Gerlitzky, who is also Chairman of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace, was addressing the annual Chabad Lubavitch International Shluchim Conference in Brooklyn, N.Y. A yearly very prestigious event, perhaps the largest rabbinical convention in the world. During his speech, Rabbi Gerlitzky, accused the UN and all those who support the false hope of a two state solution for the violence in Israel which affects both sides. Using a flip reasoning, he mentioned that every time a Palestinian teenager runs with a knife to stab an Israeli and gets shot, the death of this Palestinian is a result of the false hope of a two state solution.

Giving Israel's Land Is Against The Law
He quoted a ruling in Jewish Law in the laws of Shabbos (Sabbath) (Orach Chaim Chapter 329) about a Jewish border city in a non-Jewish country that is attacked on the Sabbath. The law is that one picks up arms and violates the Sabbath to protect the non-Jewish residents that live in the interior of that country. For if that town falls, the law states, the whole country will more easily be conquered.

Here, the legal ruling is discussing the case of a non-Jewish country and a Jewish city. More recent rulings point out that if thats the case for a Jewish town in a non-Jewish country to protect its non-Jewish residents, how much more so for a Jewish town in the Land of Israel to protect Jews!

Safety's The Rebbe's Concern
This rule, that safeguarding the safety of the residents of the State of Israel is the priority, over questionable peace agreements, is the bulwark foundation of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's famous campaign against the peace process, calling it: "Making peace with Hitler and his professors." The Lubavitcher Rebbe was never one to mince words when it came to issues of life and death.

Rabbi Gerlitzky pointed out quoting this stance, that Jewish law forbids handing over land under Israeli control to foreigners for the smallest bit given of its 30 mile width, only serves as a springboard for overrunning the whole country.

Work Of The Rabbis To Educate About The Dangers Of Land For Peace
“From time to time, he said, we meet with experts on the Middle East, professors and senior military officials to discuss with them the security situation. They always tell us that the reason an Arab gets up in the morning and decides to stab Jews or spends millions of dollars to buy missiles is because they feel that the entire world believes that they deserve a state of their own and Israel must provide them with more territory for this.

Hence, they feel that more terror and stabbings will pressure and precipitate Israel to give more and more. In the words of military officials: “Every Israeli declaration that under certain conditions we will be prepared to concede – this in itself is a prelude to terror."

Stopping Terror Is A Safety Issue, Not A Religious Consideration
It has nothing to do with the Temple Mount.
It has nothing to do with their economic situation (2/3's of the PA Arabs have to work in Israel, for there is no work for them there(UNWRA Report findings)) It has nothing to with what you hear in the media in Israel or outside Israel. It is has to do with one thing only and that is – the Israeli leadership is weak and gives in to the Arab demands. They do not believe in their cause. They aren't believers themselves that Jews are the rightful owners of all of Eretz Yisroel. Therefore the Arab negotiators exploit their weakness and use it as an opportunity to pressure more and squeeze out concessions.

There is only one solution, said Rabbi Gerlitzky, “The moment it will be clear in no uncertain terms that the Palestinians will never have a state of their own under any conditions and Israel will never give up an inch of its land – the pressure will cease. (But they see Israel demands more peace negotiations, so the terror continues. ed)

Concern For Life and Death Is Not "Political"
“When Israel realizes that we are dealing here with cold blooded murderers and that any concession made turns into a springboard that enables them to overrun the whole country as Jewish Law states; and once the Arab side sees they will never ever get what they want, then this will eliminate the root cause of the problem.”

Rabbi Gerlitzky recalled a meeting he and a group of rabbis had with former US Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Martyn Indyk who identified with the Peace Now ideology. After telling him what Jewish Law states he yelled at us: “You people need to have your minds switched” and nearly chased us out of his office.

Maybe The Torah Is Right?
“At a later date we met with the French Ambassador to Israel and after listening to what we have to say he said, “look, we've tried everything but it didn’t work. Maybe you are right? Perhaps the time has come to try the Torah's halachic way, maybe it will succeed.”

The Rabbinical Congress for Peace was founded in 1993 in order to alert public attention to the clear position of the Torah concerning territories under Israeli rule. This Halachic ruling is anchored in the supreme value in Jewish Law known as “the sanctity of life.” Saving a life supersedes the entire Torah. Because of this value, the Torah unequivocally forbids relinquishing even one inch of territory under Jewish rule or participating in any negotiations concerning withdrawal from any such territory.

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Lubavitcher Rebbe On The Problem Of Safety Caused By Peace Process



Greeting and Blessing!

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter and enclosure.

I am reluctant, on principle, to involve a layman, however knowledgeable, even if he possesses s’michah, in a matter that is the subject of debate between rabbis. However, after you received a detailed letter from a rabbi and request clarification, I have no choice but to address myself to the issues at hand in reply, though necessarily not in depth.

I must begin with a general but crucial point, namely, that the arguments against my alleged stand are based on misinformation or on misconception of what my opinion is. I find it difficult to understand how this could happen, since I've repeatedly explained my position. So I will recap it once again.

  1. I am completely and unequivocally opposed to the surrender of any of the liberated areas (of the Land of Israel) currently under negotiation. Such as Yehuda and Shomron, the Golan Heights, etc. For the simple reason that ...
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The War On Israel On Another Level
By Rabbi Chaim Ashkenazi

Rav of the Chabad Community in Tel Aviv As discussed at a farbrengen

How our personal service to God relates to Protecting the Land of Israel from Invaders


The Chassid, R. Zalman Moshe, of blessed memory, once sat at a farbrengen and said “L’chaim” – again and again and again...and his face turned red, while those assembled waited impatiently to hear his words. He raised his voice and said: Do you think that life is a “shpilalaike” (a child’s game)?

This is a war! There’s a yetzer tov and a yetzer ha’ra (a good inclination and an evil inclination)

Torah speaks about two wars that are liable to occur at the time of the entry into Eretz Yisroel and its settling.

a) Milchemes mitzva (an obligatory war) – in which everyone must go and take part.

b) Milchemes Reshus (an optional war) – where there are all types of “exemptions” by which a person can stay home and remain behind in a protected area, such as the Home Front Command and the like.

According to their simple interpretation, these two forms of war are explained as follows:

An obligatory war is within the framework of the requirement to destroy the seven nations that were in Eretz Yisroel prior to the arrival of the Jewish People from Egypt. Since their actions were so utterly corrupt, we were commanded “you shall not allow any soul to live,” in order that we shall not learn from their conduct. An optional war is waged for the purpose of expanding the borders of Eretz Yisroel...

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Jailed Without Charges Or Trial
Prisoners Of The State

5 Towns Jewish News Aug 19, 2015

Evyatar Slonim, a 22-year-old man, a teacher of emotionally disabled children using horseback-riding therapy, scion of Chabad, descendant of the famous Feiglin and Slonim families, was arrested this week in Israel, sentenced to jail for six months, on charges of . . . what?

This is the very question his parents are asking. We asked his cousin Rabbi Moshe Feiglin of the Aliyah Institute in Crown Heights the same question. The family is concerned that their son is being made a scapegoat. For the charges and evidence don’t seem to exist, yet Evyatar is in prison. The other young men jailed with him range in age from 18 to 24, each with similar stories.

As reported by UPI News, Evyatar was arrested “based on alleged involvement in a radical Jewish organization” (Kahane Chai).

In an interview with Eyvatar’s mother, Mrs. Gila Slonim, an oleh from Australia: “In March of this year, Evyatar was arrested by the Shabak (Shin Bet, Israel’s General Security Service); he was held in their cells (equivalent to solitary confinement) for 12 days. For the first 8 days he was denied the right to see a lawyer, and a gag order was placed on his case for a month, so you never got to hear about that travesty of justice. At the end of 12 days, the court could no longer allow the Shabak to keep Evy, as there were no grounds for this. He was given an Administrative Distancing Order forbidding him from being in Yehuda and Shomron for a year and Jerusalem for six months.

“We toyed with making a public outcry once the gag order was lifted. We felt that by airing this in public we would in some way be betraying our country. Because as soon as we began to shout, the whole world was going to find out, and as loyal citizens who love Eretz Yisrael we were very uncomfortable with this.

“Today, the government has crossed the red line and placed three young men in prison without the right to a trial. This transgresses basic human rights . . . and our beloved homeland cannot be run in such an undemocratic way.

“We feel that Evy and the other two victims are scapegoats who have been targeted at a time when the government is trying to show it is doing something to rein in terror.

“In fact, Evyatar was on a family holiday at the time when the house in Douma was burned, removing any shred of doubt that he could be involved with such a heinous crime.”

Just as no charges were pressed, so was no alibi sought.

The other boys, one of whom is the late Rabbi Meir Kahane’s grandson, are all suspected of being involved with graffiti on a church (typical Arab activity), and while it’s not stated explicitly, each article on the boys’ arrests carries the story of the burning to death of a young Arab boy (again typical Arab activity)—and, by the way, of a mentally deranged person who stabbed people at a gay-pride parade. While there is admittedly no connection between the three incidents, nor even evidence of the boys’ connection to any of them, the media implication is clear: We are experiencing here an organized “wave” of extremist hate activities by religious Jews.

Organized? Wave? Extreme? Seemingly it is more of a “wave” of arrests and imprisonment of Orthodox men and women by police and Shabak without evidence.

At least the press is beginning to report the absurdity of Israeli justice, unbecoming for the most democratic state in the Middle East.

UPI: “Israel detains alleged Jewish extremist without trial for six months.” The Jewish Press: “Six Months Jail without Trial for Teen” Turkish Weekly: “1st Jewish suspect faces Israel’s ‘Admin Detention.’” Jerusalem Online: Israel’s Attorney General Approves Administrative Detention Against Three Extreme-Right Activists.”

In Eyvatar’s case, the court was about to drop the charges due to lack of evidence—“the Shin-Bet feared the boys would be released by the court for lack of evidence”—and used the administrative detention law to hold them.

Ynet reported on an interview with the parents of Mordechai Meyer, one of the arrested boys:

“Meyer’s parents, Gedalia and Sarah, said: ‘We are United States citizens and our children grew up there, in a democracy, among loving people and all our family is there. We raised the kids to love nature and all souls. We had a good livelihood. We left everything due to our love for Israel—our children as well—and we are kind of shocked.’

“Gedalia spoke of the night of detention: ‘We made aliyah from the United States to a democratic state. Our son was at home last week. They knocked on the door last night, showed a document stating that they were taking him to jail for six months without suspicion and without explanation. Suddenly, we now find ourselves with our son in jail and don’t know anything. We thought there were fair courts here. Mordechai studied Torah, liked everyone, lives outdoors in Samaria (West Bank).

“‘My son pointed out: Dad, they had to arrest someone.’”

How Could This Happen?
Writers in the Jewish newspapers and, most sadly, even in the Orthodox press constantly write—mistakenly—that Israeli use of “administrative detention” laws are applied only against “Palestinians.”

The law seems to have a few names. One is the Jewish Terrorist Law. Honenu, the legal aid group defending the boys, has hundreds of similar cases where administrative detention was used against Jews—mostly Orthodox Jews.

• • •

Yehuda Landsberg was arrested last year. Like the boys arrested more recently, he was accused of non-provable crimes with no evidence linking him to them. Yet he was jailed for two years. The Shabak, faced with no evidence linking him or the other two men jailed with him, set out to create evidence.

For two weeks, Yehuda was handcuffed to a low chair in a painful position by day and not allowed sleep. At night he was put in a feces-filled room. He refused to eat—for the food, besides being rotten, was of questionable kashrus. (Coming from such people, who could trust its kashrus?) Finally, after two weeks and being totally delirious, he cracked. When asked what he confessed to, “I don’t know” was all he said. “They want me to spy on my friends.”

Moriah Goldberg, an Orthodox young woman, was first arrested at age 13 with two friends for protesting the giving of Gush Katif to the Arab enemy. She was jailed for a month. After her case was publicized by Amnesty International, Israel finally relented and let her and her friends go.

In 2012, while doing her national service working in Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem as a tour guide, Moriah was arrested after midnight, dragged in cuffs out of her parents’ home, interrogated, and jailed until the charges were shown to be baseless and she was released.

As reported in HaAretz (June 13, 2014), “A rare scene transpired last week at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court: Arieh Perl and another minor from Kedumim were indicted for carrying out a hate crime in Abu Ghosh. The case was exceptional because they were not caught in the act and never confessed to the offense during the investigation, and the indictment was based solely on circumstantial evidence.

“This indictment joins another handed down based on circumstantial evidence at the end of May against three students from the Dorshei Yechudecha Yeshiva high school in Yitzhar for an alleged hate crime committed in Gush Chalav in April. There, too, the minors survived the Shin Bet security service’s scathing intensive interrogation without letting out a word.”

Is ‘Price Tag’ Fabricated?
Did the Shin Bet apologize? Not quite. HaAretz also reported Shin Bet’s rather odd response: “Shin Bet officials note this development in the war against so-called ‘Price Tag’ attacks with satisfaction. These are the first cases of indictments without confessions (and evidence) since the Price Tag movement was declared a forbidden association in June 2013.”

No evidence. No confession. Yet Israel claims a “Price Tag association” to be at work within the Orthodox community. This absurd claim follows a long chain of arrests that Israel admits are lacking evidence and confessions. Even the confessions gained were obtained through torture. On this basis Israel presumes there to be a “Price Tag conspiracy.”

Commenting on Meir Ettinger’s case, Jerusalem Online reported: “The Nazareth Magistrates Court extended Ettinger’s arrest for another five days. Ettinger, a grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane, is a prime target for the Shin Bet’s Jewish Department. He is considered one of the leaders of the extreme right in the West Bank. He is accused of unlawful assembly, arson, and conspiracy to commit a crime. But there isn’t evidence connecting Mr. Ettinger to any of the charges.

“Meir Ettinger’s attorney said, ‘This is a showcase detention and interrogation. Israeli authorities are attempting to show that they are taking action following the attack on the family in the village of Douma.”

What Law Allows This?
Imagine: With no evidence, anyone, anywhere in Israel may be picked up by government agents, disappear, be tortured (interrogated) for as long as necessary, denied a lawyer, denied being seen by a judge. Denied the right to be judged by evidence. Then be self-incriminated by statements made while being tortured mercilessly. Welcome to Israel. That’s what administrative detention is.

Through a loophole in the law, it can be used against anyone in Israel. It’s been used many, many times to unfairly convict hundreds if not thousands of Orthodox Jews for imagined crimes of political dissidence against the state, as “dangers to national security.” The victims are arrested and, in the face of a lack of evidence, they are tortured until a confession is extracted. Many times even if no confession is extracted, they are still convicted.

How Democratic Is Israel?
This opens the question of Israeli democracy in general. Are Israelis asked if they would like their homes, businesses, and land given away to Arab terrorists—or are they being told after secret negotiations? More democracy in action.

The government’s democracy appears to be a right reserved for the privileged few in power, not a right to be enjoyed by all Israelis. Israel continually demands from the United States the right of self-determination, yet those rights don’t seem to extend to Israelis themselves.

Commenting on this situation and Israel’s secret negotiations, the Lubavitcher Rebbe remarked in a discussion in 1979 after the Camp David agreement: “If the secret negotiations are so good, so why are they secret? Show us all the ‘good’ that is going on there!” (Sichos Kodesh 1979 vol. 3, Tu B’Av) v

For donations for funding the arrested boys’ considerable legal expenses, Eyvatar’s cousin Rabbi Moshe Feiglin of Aliyah Institute in Crown Heights has begun an emergency collection.

To Donate
Donate via PayPal, use the e‑mail

To donate by credit card, visit, and enter a note that this is for the Slonim family and the other boys arrested.
Article by Raanan Isseroff

Or send checks—payable to Aliya Institute, with a memo that it’s for the Arrested Boys Emergency Fund—to Aliya Institute, 525–527 E. New York Ave., Brooklyn NY 11225-4513.

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Chabad Girls Commemorate Ten Years Since the Disengagement

Rebbitzin Swerdlov Preaches What She Teaches
The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Support For Israeli Settlement Aug 3 2015

A group of Chabad girls from around the world, currently in Israel on a tour organized by Mrs. Miriam Swerdlow, visited the town of Nitzan, a town of trailers, where many of the Gush Katif area expellees are now living. The community of Nitzan is a village of temporary trailer homes established in the sand dunes south of Ashkelon. Originally built for Israeli families removed from the various towns in Gaza after Israel'oldevnt/pictures/swerdlov.jpg" align="right" height="331" width="361" hspace="10/">

The girls toured the trailer homes called in Hebrew: "Caravans", and watched a movie called, “The story of Gush Katif.” Chabad Shaliach for the residents and former shaliach to Gush Katif, Rabbi Yigal Kirzensaft told them about the quality of life for the former residents before, during and after the expulsion.

The girls were shocked to see the photos of the expulsion and how many of the expellees are still living in rickety caravans even today, ten years later. Despite the extreme heat, the girls stayed in Nitzan for a long time. They asked many questions and didn’t understand why the Jews were expelled from Gush Katif.

The girls gave tzedakah for the needy of Gush Katif and promised to be ambassadors for Shleimus Ha’aretz on their return home.

Bomb Shelters for the undesirables?
Sewage pipes rolled in by the Israeli government act as dubious protection against Ketyusha rockets. Artful messages on a sewage pipe bomb shelter in Nitzan encapsulate the spirit of families removed from their Gaza Strip homes in 2006. Two words on the right translate to: “We told you.” On the left is a quote from the 23rd Psalm: “I will fear no evil, for You are with me. The middle says: "We were expelled Orange, we have received Red". Perhaps a reference to broken government promises about permanent housing?

Many residents are forced until today, ten years later, to keep up bank payments for mortgages and loans on houses, farms and properties taken from them and given to the Arab enemy. Additionally, they are forced to pay rent on the shabby trailer homes.

To Read The Original Article Click Here
Op-EdThe Cost of Being Too Clever

By Steve Apfel - Op-Ed
School of Management - Johannesburg, South Africa

Op-Ed Op-Ed

By Steve Apfel / The Commentator | December 14, 2014
“Be not over righteous, nor too clever.”
Solomon, a profoundly righteous and clever king, warns Israel for all time. His words speak cogently to modern Israel, at liberty to act for the good of its people, not least with regards to land.

If only Israel took the wise king’s early warning to heart.
Echelons of Israeli leaders and society chose to be exactly what Solomon warned them not to be: over-righteous and too clever.

Can anyone dispute that more ingenuity has gone into schemes to give away territory won against the odds than into schemes to keep territory for the benefit of Israel’s own people. Magnanimous is hardly the word. Foolhardy might be.

I’m sure one could turn up some example, but you’d have to dig pretty deep to come up with another nation that gave away parts of a tiny country to a well-disposed neighbor. To come up with another nation that handed its land on a platter to implacable foes you’d have far deeper to dig. Foolhardy is hardly the word. Nihilistic might be the right word. Like a child craving attention, Israel looked about for compliments only to have to ward off cudgels.


Compliance with the law - A Supreme Value- But At What Price?

Questions For The Rabbi

By Chabad Of Israel

Healthy Jewish society expects rabbis of Israel set the Jewish conscience and draw the line that direction. An IDF soldier is first and foremost, a Jew obligated to follow the law.

Basic Jewish Values
Throughout the Israeli public, rages a debate that in many is evoking a sense of disgust. Demagogy and dishonesty are crying out to heaven. A person has the right to think differently from others, but its intolerable to exchange views like socks, just to make them compatible with the desired conclusions. It is as if Israel is a satirical comedy program made for the purpose of bringing reasons in recordings and quotes from public figures, analysts and media people who each say the opposite. Each one for the singular selfish purpose of furthering their own goal.

The question of conscientious objection is a matter for serious thought and whether it is voiced by someone from the right or whether it comes from the left- whether it's due to religious reasons or whether it is due to reasons of pacifism, Israel's law is the law and the army is an army. But there comes a time when a person must stand before our conscience and honestly ask ourselves: "What is that limit that I will not be willing to cross, whatever the price?"

Can a person entertain even the possibility of refusal in the event of a collision with conscience? Is this a legitimate position?

Protect And Not Displace!

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Letters from the Lubavitcher Rebbe On Land for PeaceLetters On Land For Peace

By The Lubavitcher Rebbe

English 33 pages

Since 1951, the Lubavitcher Rebbe has tirelessly advocated for a strong Israel that not only doesn't give an inch, but takes at least a mile! (as the opportunity continually presents itself)
Making a case for defense of the Land of Israel, from the point of view of safety and security for all who dwell there, the Lubavitcher Rebbe brings to the foray a brilliant point of view seemingly devoid of religious considerations. In reading these letters, we see the Rebbe begging Israeli diplomats to use every opportunity to gain an advantage for the Jews of the land of Israel simply so they will be safe. They should not have to live in fear. These are letters to Israeli prime ministers, generals, state officials, prominent rabbis and anyone the Rebbe felt could make the smallest difference. The legal removal of Jews from their land by their own government appalled the Rebbe. While the Rebbe is certainly no Zionist, putting Jews in danger is forbidden, no matter who they are. Jewish law sees the safety of every Jew as the responsibility of incumbent on everyone, overriding the most religious considerations, even Shabbos.

To print off:
Download and have your printer prepare it as a booklet printed two-sided on 9 pages (8.5 inches by 11). To have us print them for you email Shevi at: Outreach Materials Coordinator Cost is $6 plus shipping.

To download the booklet click here:

Officials Honor Gush Katif Museum In Jerusalem

Historic Meeting Outlines Plans For Museums Future

By Martina Fernandez

"The existence of our people depends on remembering"

Historic board meeting presents events of a decade since the uprooting of Gush Katif. Dozens of important Israeli public figures gathered yesterday for a meeting of Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem.

Dozens of prominent public figures from all walks of life gathered yesterday (Sunday) at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem to celebrate a board meeting of the Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem that marks a decade since the uprooting of Gush Katif and the disengagement.

The purpose of establishing the Board is to develop this museum in Jerusalem and its expansion. To keep the important story of Gush Katif, as Israeli history, a story of life, and its preservation of this vital history for the coming years. We must educate the Israeli public not only to mourn for the destruction of communities- but also to draw lessons for the future....

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Lag BeOmer Event For Gush Katif Refugees
Fun day for children of the North, victims of terror and Gush expellees


Gush Katif Museum Presents...
For a fun day with Gush Katif Museum in Action Park in Moshav Lachish next to Kiryat Gat
Join us on Thursday Lag BaOmer 18th of Iyar, May 7, 2015 from 10am to 6pm
Admission is free for Children who are from families victimized by terror and for families from the North and for families expelled from the areas of Gaza & Gush Katif.
Donations are welcome!

For more information call: 02-6255456
תכונה רבה לקראת יום כיף שמקיים כמידי שנה מוזיאון גוש קטיף ב'אקשן פארק' שבמושב לכיש, ליד קרית-גת. האירוע הגדול יתקיים ביום חמישי, ל"ג בעומר, י"ח באייר, 7/5/2015 מהשעה 10:00 בבוקר ועד השעה 18:00 בערב. לאירוע יגיעו אלפי ילדים מהדרום, גוש קטיף ויו"ש נפגעי הטרור. הפארק כולל אטרקציות מגוונות והפתעות. הכניסה לפארק היא חינם, כולל השימוש במתקנים ובאטרקציות. להקת פרחי ירושלים בניצוחו של חנן אביטל תופיע במהלך יום הכיף במופע הצדעה מיוחד למשפחות נפגעי הטרור וילדי הדרום לאור מבצע צוק איתן, וכן מופע קסמים מרהיב עם פרסים.
לפרטים התקשרו 02-6255456

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Chabads Love Affair With The Land of Israel

A Step Back In Time To 1993...

New York-based Jewish sect tries to thwart Mideast peace agreement

The Baltimore Sun
September 27, 1993
By Doug Struck, Staff Writer

KFAR CHABAD, Israel -- From 6,000 miles away in Brooklyn, followers of a partly paralyzed rabbi who has never been to Israel are financing Jewish opposition to the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

The Lubavitcher ultra-Orthodox sect is dedicating "big millions" of dollars to the campaign against the agreement providing limited autonomy to Palestinians, according to the head of the group here.

They are raising money for the effort partly through full-page advertisements in the New York Times soliciting "tax deductible contributions" to help "thwart this suicidal withdrawal."

"Lives are in danger"
"We really believe lives are in danger because of this" agreement, said Rabbi Yosef Aronov, director of the Chabad movement in Israel. "We are doing everything we can to oppose it."

Whats Being Given Cause For Concern
The Lubavitchers have run dozens of full-page advertisements in Israeli newspapers, have rented a fleet of 1,000 buses for a rally at $200 a bus, have plastered billboards and printed banners with their slogan "The Land of Israel is in Danger," and have underwritten phones, cars and other logistics of the opposition campaign.

"They are the 'ready money,' " said Yisrael Medad, an official of a Jewish settlers group ....
"It's very irritating for secular Israelis that somebody who hasn't been here at all, even for a visit, wants to decide the future of Israel by remote control from New York....

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Gulf War Miracles

The Persian Gulf War

THE PERSIAN GULF WAR of 1991 has a unique significance in the unfolding of the Messianic Redemption.

Throughout history, it has been common for people to be suspi­cious of, disbelieve, ignore or deny words of prophecy. Prophecy can be intimidating. People naturally fear the unknown and they fear for the worst. This is especially understandable in the case of a Prophecy of doom. What about a favorable Prophecy? What if it originates from someone with a flawless publicly demonstrated and divinely confirmed track record? And what if we are to partic­ipate in its fruition? Do we not stand to gain more by taking a look at it than ignoring it? Let us examine one such case.

Yalkut Shimoni is the name of a Jewish Sacred Work written under the prophetic experience. It is a work which comments on the Jewish Bible. It was written centuries ago by a broadly accepted and renowned Torah Sage. In this work the following information was conveyed as an explanation of a passage from the Book of Isaiah, the Jewish Biblical Prophet. Paraphrased in part it states thus:

In the year that Moshiach will reveal himself, the Kings of the nations will contend one with the next; The King of Persia will war with the King of Arabia ...

Regarding this conflict, the Yalkut Shimoni Prophecy conveys numerous facts, including:
1) A war that troubles international leaders will occur

2) This war involves the ruler of Persia challenging the ruler of Arabia, with the latter appealing to a superpower for help.

3) The nations and especially the Israelis will be afraid and uncertain as to what to do and where to go.

4) The year in which this war occurs will be the same year that Moshiach will reveal himself

5) During this war, G-d will announce to the Jewish people that they have nothing to fear and that it will turn out to their favor.

6) During this war, Moshiach will announce to the Jewish people that the time of the Redemption has arrived.....

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Stop The Disengagement by Educating About The Danger Of Giving Land

Rabbinical Congress For Peace is a an organization of 350 prominant Israeli Rabbis who patriotically promote safety for Jews living in the land of Israel. Join them by clicking on the picture to learn more about how you can help

Land for Peace?

By Yanki Tauber
Since G-d gave us a brain, why did He need to give us a Torah?

Torah, after all, is truth. And the brain is a piece of gray meat imbued with the amazing ability to ascertain truths. So why a divinely ordained code of life? Isn'oldevnt/pictures/yankitauber.jpg" width="320" height="180" align="right" hspace="10/">

This question can be asked -- and answered -- on many levels. But the most simple explanation is that while reason is a very powerful tool, there is something in the human being that is even more powerful -- desire.

When we want something badly, desperately enough, we grab our brain, twist its arm behind its back, and compel it to manufacture such gobilydoop that anyone looking at us from the distance of a generation or a culture away will exclaim, "What happened to that person? Did his brain leak out of his head?" Of course, our brain is right there inside our head. It's even working overtime. It's just that it's running in reverse. Instead of figuring out the truth, it's figuring out how to build a logical foundation for what we want should be the truth.

That's why G-d gave us the Torah -- a set of truths that are not the product of our brains, but of the inherent truths upon which He predicated His creation of reality and the universe. The Torah's purpose is not to absolve us of the need to use our brains -- on the contrary, it expects us to work the brain to death comprehending the what, why and how of the truths it embodies. But it does enable us to know when our brain is running backwards. If the end result of our reasoning and logicizing doesn't mesh with the divine truths contained in the Torah, we'oldevnt/pictures/sodahead.jpg" width="160" height="160" align="left" hspace="10/">

The people of Israel desperately desire peace. And we desperately desire that our enemies should desire this as much as we do. We are simply not prepared to accept a reality that contradicts this all-consuming desire.

People looking at us from the outside are scratching their heads and saying: What's the matter with these people? Have their brains leaked out of their heads?

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